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Sherwood Park Sales Success

Mon, 20 Mar by Sonia Tarabay


There is nothing I want more than to see a smile on my client’s face. Those happy moments when their house sells or they find their perfect new home are the moments I crave every day.

At the same time, I’ve grown to be great friends with many of the people from our Sherwood Park community who started off as clients. Unfortunately, in this business, you have to say goodbye to many of those friends who you’ve grown to know over the years. This just happened to me, as longtime clients were moving out of the province.

As sad as it is to see them go, I take pride in the fact they are leaving Sherwood Park with big smiles on their faces. Their home sold in less than a week and for $8,000 more than the asking price! It was a pleasure to be able to help them and I look forward to helping so many more wonderful people in Sherwood Park!

Warm regards,


Get a Tiger on your side!

Tue, 17 Jan by Sonia Tarabay


When it comes to selling or buying Sherwood Park real estate, you want a TIGER on your side! As Sherwood Park’s Real Estate Tiger, I work extremely hard for my clients ensuring they obtain the best results.

If you live in Sherwood Park, you’ve probably seen me driving in my exotically wrapped Soniamobile and have likely spotted my bus benches and sold signs around town. I love my business and I especially LOVE helping my clients!

I’m proud to have lived in the Sherwood Park community for many years, so it’s quite natural for me to educate my clients on the various neighbourhoods, schools, parks, and other wonderful amenities Sherwood Park offers. We have grown so much as a community over these past few years, and there are so many benefits to living here. There is a strong sense of community with strong family values in Sherwood Park. It’s a huge part of why I love living and working here.

One of the biggest ways I help my clients is by the implementation of my aggressive marketing plan which has been proven to sell homes for top dollar in the least amount of time with very little effort on my clients’ part. Most of my listings have sold for more than 99% of list price!

I believe it’s my commitment to service and my negotiation skills that set me apart from others in my industry. Those skills, paired with my passion for the work is why my business has grown. I love my clients and I am so very grateful for their ongoing support in choosing me time and time again.

So if you are thinking of selling or buying a Sherwood Park home, call me today and let’s get started! I’m excited to be YOUR Real Estate Tiger!

Warmest regards,



Announcing my REMAX Lifetime Achievement Award!

Mon, 21 Nov by Sonia Tarabay


Through hard work and dedication to my clients, I’ve been fortunate to receive many honours in my real estate career. While it’s not about the awards, I was truly honoured and humbled when I was notified that I have been awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award from REMAX of Western Canada, after just seven years in the real estate business!

The award is very special to me because it affirms that doing what you love is the key to success. What I love the most is helping my clients obtain the best results when buying or selling a home. It’s what I’m most passionate about in my work.

When I think back at my career as a REALTOR®, I have learned so much and I’ve met so many great people, but it has absolutely breezed by. As they say, time flies when you’re having fun!

I’m very excited for this honour and to share it with my family, who is so supportive of me. I also owe a lot of gratitude to all of my clients from Sherwood Park, Strathcona County and Edmonton.

Warmest regards,


Celebrating 7 Years in Real Estate!

Fri, 30 Sep by Sonia Tarabay


It takes a lot of hard word and dedication to truly excel in the real estate world. It’s one of those professions where you are always on the clock – evenings, weekends and holidays included. But I wouldn’t trade it for the world, for one very important factor – all of my incredible clients!

This week, I am celebrating 7 wonderful years in real estate where I have consistently ranked in the Top 1% Sales, an accomplishment I could never have even dreamed of if it weren’t for the fabulous people who have supported me since Day 1. There’s nothing more satisfying to me than finding the perfect home for my clients. Knowing that I helped them find the ideal property for them to raise their families in is extremely gratifying. Obviously, I love helping my clients sell their homes for the most money too! I’m never afraid to negotiate hard for my clients. Guess that’s why they nicknamed me “Sherwood Park’s Real Estate Tiger”.

I’m so appreciative of all the kind words I hear from my clients when I run into them around Sherwood Park, at our local chamber of commerce or anywhere else in the community. That’s the food that keeps this Tiger running!

Over the past 7 years, I have learned an incredible amount and met more lovely people than I could have ever imagined. I’m excited to continue on this journey and help as many people as possible when they need me to sell their homes and find them their dream homes too.

From my heart to yours, thank you for all the continued trust and  support!

Warmest regards,



Why I Specialize in Sherwood Park

Tue, 13 May by Sonia Tarabay

Since moving to Sherwood Park years ago, I completely fell in love with the community, and while I continue to service the wider Edmonton area I always get a little extra excited about working with my Sherwood Park clients. I like to think of myself as a self­-appointed ambassador for Sherwood Park, both as a resident and as a business owner here. Sometimes I get asked “Why Sherwood Park?” and I always have my answer ready.

So Sonia, Why Sherwood Park?

Sherwood Park is Family Friendly

The Tarabay Family: Alexa, Sonia, Lennox, Eddy, & Eva

The Tarabay Family: Alexa, Sonia, Lennox, Eddy, & Eva

New Strathcona County Library in Sherwood Park

The New Strathcona County Library in Sherwood Park, photo by Strathcona County

Sherwood Park is one of Canada’s most family­-friendly communities, and when you live and work here you notice it right away: there are tons of families everywhere! Lots of young couples are picking Sherwood Park and – most importantly – choosing to stay here as their families grow. Between our great school system, our world­-class recreational facilities, and wealth of park land, it’s easy to see the appeal.

I live and work in Sherwood Park, and my family loves it here. My children love their school and have made a ton of friends. After school, there are so many great activities and classes available for my children to join: My three are involved in dance classes, swimming clubs, Taekwondo, and archery: all located right here in Sherwood Park! One of my favourite places to take my family is the new Strathcona County Public Library located in the Centre in the Park. This wonderful new library is absolutely wonderful for families: there are cozy reading corners, interactive areas for children, and a huge selection of great books for all ages.

In 2014, MoneySense magazine gave Sherwood Park top marks in their review of the best places to live in Canada. Sherwood Park got the #10 spot in the Best Place to Raise Kids in Canada category, the #3 spot in the Overall Best Place to Live in Canada, and the #2 spot in the Best Small City to live in Canada category!

In addition, Sherwood Park has been routinely ranked as one of Alberta’s safest municipalities which, as a mother myself, is a hugely important factor when I chose to raise my family here.

Sherwood Park By The Numbers: Family Focused

Sherwood Park: Family Focused Community

  • The average age of a resident of Sherwood Park is 39, making us one of the youngest communities in the Province.
  • 19% of Sherwood Park’s population is under the age of 15. That’s a lot of families!
  • 57% of people living in Sherwood Park love it so much they’ve stayed for 10 years, and another 17% are well on their way, having lived here for at least 5 years!
  • Sherwood Park has had over 12% in population grown over the last 5 years: the Canadian average is only 5.9%!

From a business perspective, this family-­friendly focus of Sherwood Park is one of the big reasons the community is growing, and that means the real estate market is also growing! Young couples and families want to move here, and as their family expands and prospers they look for new move-­up opportunities in the Sherwood Park real estate market. Then, as people get older and their kids start families of their own, they want to downsize and remain within the community to stay close to their grandchildren.

Families drive a huge portion of the real estate market in any city, and Sherwood Park has the infrastructure, community involvement, and facilities to attract people. The real estate market is constantly growing, which makes working here really exciting!

Business Opportunities in Sherwood Park

Sherwood Park is Business Friendly

Lineup to get into Sherwood Park’s Annual Great Canadian Trade Show & Fair

Anyone who lives here or is tuned in knows there are many great business opportunities in Sherwood Park, both commercial and industrial. Our thriving business community is well-­connected and growing fast: Sherwood Park is one of the best places in the region to start up a business. That translates into a lot of opportunity, and a lot of prosperity in the area. I go out of my way to support local businesses in Sherwood Park, and stay involved in the community business network as well.

By The Numbers: Business in Sherwood Park & Strathcona County

  • No business licenses and no registration fees make Sherwood Park a great place to start up.
  • Sherwood Park has one of the highest incomes in Canada, with households averaging $147,000 per year. That’s the second highest in the country!
  • As of 2013, there were over 8,100 businesses in Sherwood Park and Strathcona County, ranging from large corporations to home-­based companies.
  • The Sherwood Park & District Chamber of Commerce has over 1,000 members: It’s the third­ largest business chamber in Alberta.
  • There’s access to a market population of 1.16 million, including the greater Edmonton area.

One of the greatest things about the Sherwood Park and Strathcona County business community is its incredible diversity. We have everything here! Manufacturing, refining, commercial, retail, investment, agricultural, entrepreneurs, trades, professional services… the list goes on. This diversity makes for great networking opportunities, which I often take advantage of with groups like the BNI Park Power Connections chapter in Sherwood Park.

Sherwood Park’s prosperity and growth also means there’s a larger number of people interested in the Sherwood Park real estate market as an investment, which is another facet of the market I love to work in. I’ve helped investors of all backgrounds and experience levels find opportunities in the Sherwood Park and Strathcona County market.

That’s Why I Work in Sherwood Park

It’s because of Sherwood Park’s family focus and thriving business community that I’ve come to specialize in Sherwood Park real estate. To learn more about Sherwood Park and why I love it, you can check out my Sherwood Park Info page. I’ve made so many friends here from within the business community and from dealings with my own Sherwood Park clients. Sherwood Park is my home, and one that I’ve very proud of.

As much as I love Sherwood Park, I still also love working with my many Edmonton clients as well, which is why my service area covers the entire Edmonton area. So whether you’re looking at real estate in Sherwood Park, Strathcona County, or Edmonton I am only a phone call or email away.

Sonia’s Social Media Streams

Tue, 29 Apr by Sonia Tarabay

One of the big reasons I love working as a Sherwood Park REALTOR® is all the wonderful people I meet and work with every day. It’s such a great industry to be in if you’ve got a passion for helping people like I do, and I always love making friends and creating new relationships. I meet a lot of new people, and that’s why I love it! You never know when a casual meeting will turn into a new client, a business partner, or a friend.

Social media makes keeping in touch with a large network of people so much easier than it used to be. I’m a huge fan of both Facebook and Twitter because they’re great tools for connecting with people I’ve met, and keeping connected even when life gets busy. This is particularly true for people I meet who don’t live in Sherwood Park or the Edmonton area: When I meet interesting people at a conference anywhere in the world, we can connect on Twitter or Facebook and keep building that relationship long after the event is over, even though we live in different places.

Social Media Services I Love



Find Sonia Tarabay, Sherwood Park REALTOR, on FacebookFacebook has such a great range of tools and services: it’s one of my daily must-visit websites, both for my personal feed and for my Business Page. Its so fantastic to be able to keep up with what’s happening in my client’s lives, long after I’ve helped them buy or sell their homes. Back in the “olden days” before social media, I would hear about future renovation ideas during the sale process, but now I often get to see photos of the finished renovations clients post in their feeds: I get such a buzz on seeing how people I’ve helped turn a house into their dream home! And it warms my heart so much when people want to keep that connection strong. It that tells me I’m doing Sherwood Park real estate the right way!Facebook’s mobile app is great too! It makes it so easy to keep up with my favourite people no matter where I am or what I’m doing. If someone asks me a question or comments on a post, I can respond right away, which is definitely a big part of why I love this network.


Sonia Tarabay Real Estate Business Page: This is my “real estate” home on Facebook. I keep my fans updated on the happenings in the Sherwood Park real estate market, and all my real estate related activities. You can find out what homes I’ve listed recently, which ones I’ve sold, and where you can stop by and say hello at a local Open House. You can also check out all my listings from my business page, all without having to leave Facebook.

Sonia Obela Tarabay Personal Profile: My personal profile on Facebook, where I “let my hair down”. I talk about all my greatest passions: my family and friends, my work, my favourite hobbies, and — of course — my favourite animals!




Follow Sonia Tarabay, Sherwood Park REALTOR, on TwitterI love how fast and easy it is to have a conversation with people on Twitter! Anyone who follows me knows I respond to any question or comment that comes through, and it’s a great “casual” place to turn acquaintances into long-term friends. You’ll often see me in conversation with the awesome Trevor Boller, who is responsible for taking the fantastic photographs you see on all of my listings, or replying to questions from people who follow me. It’s also a great way to talk about the local Sherwood Park businesses I love, or interesting things that have happened to me throughout the day.


@SoniaTarabay Twitter Feed: Here you’ll find a mix of Sherwood Park real estate news, “as it happens” tales from the life of Sonia Tarabay, and ongoing conversations with some of my favourite people.




Connect with Sonia Tarabay, Sherwood Park REALTOR, on LinkedinLinkedin is the business powerhouse of social networking platforms. It’s a great way to keep track of the people I’ve worked with in the past or want to work with in the future, and provides opportunities for making new business connections. In particular, it’s a great tool for connecting with other professionals in the real estate industry both locally and from across Canada.


Sonia Tarabay, REALTOR® at RE/MAX Elite: Check out my profile and connections on LinkedIn. I love networking, and you’ll probably find we’ve got a couple of 2nd or 3rd level connections in common!

These are the social media networks I love and use the most, but that doesn’t mean I’ve abandoned more traditional contact methods! If social media isn’t your thing, you can contact me any time via email or phone at 780.707.6015: I’d love to hear from you!


Thu, 06 Feb by Sonia Tarabay

Sonia sells Sherwood Park real estate
With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, I’ve been thinking this lovely day is more than just about “romantic love”. I believe it’s also about passion. I live every day of my life lit by its fire: I’m passionate about the people in my life, and the work I do every day. This is how life should be! Every morning I wake up ready to take on the world because my passion for work, life and love is the ultimate drive.

What I’m Passionate About


Every mother knows about unconditional love, and I’ve been blessed to know it three times now. My three beautiful children Alexa, Lennox, and Eva have brought so much joy to my life, and every day with them is a new adventure! And of course there’s also my wonderful husband and “partner in crime” Eddy. We’ve been married for almost 15 years, and I am so lucky we found each other all those years ago.

My family and the way we support and love each other is a huge source of passion for me. They keep me grounded, keep me laughing, and make every day brighter!

Sonia sold sign winter


I’m incredibly passionate about my career as a Professional REALTOR®. I view my business from an entrepreneurial perspective, and take it very seriously: it’s my business! There are no “9 to 5, Monday to Friday” rules in my world: I’m available 24/7, and I take time every day to ensure my clients are take care of.

Every day, I become more and more passionate about my career and my business, and this drives me to become an even better REALTOR®. I know the benefits of investing – both professionally and personally – and I’ve seen what a difference I can make in my client’s lives. There’s no better reward than helping a client achieve a lifelong dream of home ownership.


Creating and sustaining relationships with friends, family, and clients is hugely important to me. To be strong, relationships need to be tended and supported: you can’t ignore them for months or years then pop back in and expect them to have lasted.

This is true when it comes to both friendships and client relationships. My goal is to become your partner in real estate, someone you trust to help you through some of the most important financial decisions you will make throughout your life, and someone you’ll want to come back to across your entire real estate “lifetime”.


There are many things I love to fill my life with in addition to family, an amazing career, and strong relationships. I have a soft spot for the arts, including reading and music of all kinds, and I love to travel.

In the last few years I’ve discovered hot yoga and this is fast becoming a new passion of mine. Spiritually it’s very relaxing, and yet physically it can be hard work! When I’m practicing yoga I’m hyper-focused on the present and the physical demands the stances and movements place on my body, and the experience is extremely meditative. In a busy life with three kids and my own business to run, it’s so valuable to set aside this “me” time every week where I can recharge both physically and mentally.

Sonia is passionate about tigers


Anyone who’s met me knows I love my tiger and leopard print! It’s not just the clothes I love: my wardrobe is inspired by those beautiful, endangered big cats, and I’ve become a passionate advocate for their survival. To learn more, read my recent blog post about the endangered Tiger and what you can do to help.

Those are my passions, the people and things that are central to my life. The passions that make me who I am.

What about you? What are you passionate about?

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