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Sherwood Park Sales Success

Mon, 20 Mar by Sonia Tarabay


There is nothing I want more than to see a smile on my client’s face. Those happy moments when their house sells or they find their perfect new home are the moments I crave every day.

At the same time, I’ve grown to be great friends with many of the people from our Sherwood Park community who started off as clients. Unfortunately, in this business, you have to say goodbye to many of those friends who you’ve grown to know over the years. This just happened to me, as longtime clients were moving out of the province.

As sad as it is to see them go, I take pride in the fact they are leaving Sherwood Park with big smiles on their faces. Their home sold in less than a week and for $8,000 more than the asking price! It was a pleasure to be able to help them and I look forward to helping so many more wonderful people in Sherwood Park!

Warm regards,


Start Preparing Your House Now for a Spring Sale!

Mon, 30 Jan by Sonia Tarabay


While it’s still only January, the spring season will sneak up on you quickly, so if you’re planning to sell your Sherwood Park or Strathcona County home this spring, the best time to get started preparing it is now!

Obviously there is still snow on the ground and temperatures are still hovering below the freezing mark, so you’re a bit limited on what you can do, but you can use this time to get a head start inside your home.

Here are some ides to get you started:

– Cleaning and decluttering. Ultimately, you want your home to look open and presentable, so take this opportunity to remove clutter and items that you don’t regularly use. If there are broken or damaged items, use this time to recycle or dispose of them. If you have old paperwork that you no longer need, shred and dispose of it. Straighten out your closets and purge items you no longer wear. Give your major appliances a thorough cleaning so they only need a light cleaning in the spring. An in-depth cleaning of the house will also greatly help with the next task…

– Make interior repairs. A careful cleaning of the house will likely expose some things in your home that need attention. Maybe it’s a dent in a wall that needs to be patched up or a baseboard that has come loose. Pay particular attention to any repairs that may be needed in the kitchen or bathroom. A leaky faucet is a quick and cheap fix and will go a long way!

– Repair or replace fixtures. Took a good look over all light fixtures, cabinet hardware, door knobs and shower heads to make sure they are in working order and look great. If they are in need of some love, repair or replace them!

– Make a plan for what to do next. The snow will be melting before you know it. Make a plan for the exterior of your house and your yard so you can hit the ground running as soon as the weather allows you to.

For more tips and tricks, please call me at 780.707.6015. I would love to help you! The best part of my job is working with all of the great people in Sherwood Park and Strathcona County to help them sell their homes for top dollar. If you’re looking to sell your home too, then let’s put me to work for you!

Warmest regards,



Get a Tiger on your side!

Tue, 17 Jan by Sonia Tarabay


When it comes to selling or buying Sherwood Park real estate, you want a TIGER on your side! As Sherwood Park’s Real Estate Tiger, I work extremely hard for my clients ensuring they obtain the best results.

If you live in Sherwood Park, you’ve probably seen me driving in my exotically wrapped Soniamobile and have likely spotted my bus benches and sold signs around town. I love my business and I especially LOVE helping my clients!

I’m proud to have lived in the Sherwood Park community for many years, so it’s quite natural for me to educate my clients on the various neighbourhoods, schools, parks, and other wonderful amenities Sherwood Park offers. We have grown so much as a community over these past few years, and there are so many benefits to living here. There is a strong sense of community with strong family values in Sherwood Park. It’s a huge part of why I love living and working here.

One of the biggest ways I help my clients is by the implementation of my aggressive marketing plan which has been proven to sell homes for top dollar in the least amount of time with very little effort on my clients’ part. Most of my listings have sold for more than 99% of list price!

I believe it’s my commitment to service and my negotiation skills that set me apart from others in my industry. Those skills, paired with my passion for the work is why my business has grown. I love my clients and I am so very grateful for their ongoing support in choosing me time and time again.

So if you are thinking of selling or buying a Sherwood Park home, call me today and let’s get started! I’m excited to be YOUR Real Estate Tiger!

Warmest regards,



10 Tips for First-Time Homebuyers and Sellers

Thu, 23 Apr by Sonia Tarabay

Like many firsts, diving into real estate can be daunting. Whether you are buying or selling there are many processes to consider in order to get the best results. You are ready to make that big step into ownership and your wish list is ready! I would like to share these great tips for first-time home buyers and sellers along with some great questions to ask!


Advice for Buyers

  1. The very first thing you need to do in the home-buying process is to sit down with a lender and get pre-approved. This should be done before you start touring any homes.
  2. Prepare a list of must haves and stock with it!
  3. Remember that you are not just buying the house, but the neighborhood too. Spend some time in the area and see if it offers some of the lifestyle conveniences you’ll need.
  4. Don’t see to many houses in one day. You’ll feel overwhelmed and confused after touring several homes. As a practice, good real estate agents will normally limit you to four or five and then let those digest with you before reassessing the search.
  5. It’s a great idea to take detailed notes and even take a few photos to help you remember. Too many homes in a short period of time will run together in your mind and you may not remember which kitchen or which master bedroom belonged to which house.
  6. As tempted as you may be to max out your budget, try your best no to. Just because your bank approved you for a higher amount, doesn’t mean you have to spend it all. Why? Because you have to pay it all back. You don’t want to go into a first home maxed out.


Advice for Sellers

  1. List your home at the right price from the start. Homes that enter the market overpriced usually sit for a long time before receiving any offers. If you want to be competitive and sell quickly, a comparative analysis to determine the right price is essential.
  2. Be flexible! When you make homebuyers jump through the hoops to see your house, you’ll turn them off and they’ll move on to the next house. Try your best to accommodate every tour request. You never know which appointment will being an offer.
  3. Buyers tour homes with four out of five of their senses: sight, sound, smell and touch. Bad smells in a house can turn off buyers immediately. Be sure to neutralize your home of any bad pet or smoke odors before opening your doors to potential buyers. Even before viewings any strong cooking smells can affect your viewing.
  4. Staging your home is super important as well as removing clutter. I recommend removing two-thirds of your personal belongings and furniture for the best staging. Use your garage or storage facility to store your belongings for the time being. Open curtains or drapes to allow maximum natural light in. Move furniture out of walkways and away from windows so the room will feel larger. If your home has dark paint, it’s worthwhile to repaint with a light neutral paint color.


Questions to Ask

  • How much are the taxes?

  • What are the local schools in the area?

  • If buying a condo, how much are the fees? What do they include? How many parking spaces are included?

  • Does the home come with a warranty? Can you have this written into the offer?

  • If buying in a HOA subdivision, do they permit you to rent out your property?

  • How close is the nearest hospital, police station and firehouse?

  • How old is the roof and windows?

  • Can you see the homeowner and community disclosures prior to making an offer?


In the end, getting the right professional help when looking to buy or sell a home is so important. I consistently demonstrate a true commitment to my clients, making them my #1 priority. I consider Real Estate my lifestyle rather than just a career, and make myself available 7 days a week to all my clients. I am able to succeed in the industry so well because I have mastered the art of working hard, putting my clients first, always going above and beyond for others.  Contact me anytime, I would love to hear from you!



The Importance of a Property Inspection

Tue, 10 Mar by Sonia Tarabay

Looking to buy a home or investment property? Whether it’s your first home purchase or your 10th, it is absolutely recommended to have a property inspection prior to closing the deal.

I know from experience that most of my clients will choose to inspect a property through the services of a qualified home inspector. As both a REALTOR® and a consumer, I could not agree more.

When walking through a home you would love to buy, it’s hard to put aside your emotions and really ‘see’ what kind of shape it’s in. Now that you are buying, it’s time to see everything. Home inspections rarely cost more than a few hundred dollars and their service can save you from unpleasant surprises when you move in. Your offer to buy may be conditional upon a satisfactory home inspection. This is an increasingly standard condition on any resale home. If the seller doesn’t want you closely examining the home before you take possession, you have to wonder why.

Go with a qualified professional

Make sure your inspector is a member of a provincial association of home inspectors. It’s your guarantee they have the training and experience for the job. Your REALTOR® may suggest several home inspection companies to choose from. Make sure your inspector is credited to one of these Associations:

Canadian Association of Home and Property Inspectors

National Association of Certified Home Inspectors

What will they check during the inspection?

Lots of stuff. Plumbing and electrical systems, the roof, visible insulation, walls, ceilings, floors, windows and the integrity of the foundation. They check for nasty stuff like lead paint, asbestos, mold, outdated and dangerous wiring and they’ll look for evidence of pests like mice or termites. A good inspector should make you feel like you’re watching a CSI detective.

Join the inspection

There’s no better way to get familiar with your new home than being part of this checkup. If any problems are detected, you’ll see them firsthand and you’ll also learn some maintenance tips from a genuine pro.

Home inspection for a new home?

New does not equal perfect and construction quality can vary greatly from builder to builder. Repairs and corrections will probably be covered by a provincial new home warranty E3313875_101_12program, so bad news doesn’t necessarily mean it will cost you.

So, if you are looking to make your next home purchase, please give me a call. I would love to help you through the process and ensure you protect your investment.

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Sonia Spotlight: Summerwood, Foxboro, & Foxhaven

Tue, 29 Jul by Sonia Tarabay

If you’re looking for a real estate expert in Sherwood Park, you’ve come to the right place! As a long-­time resident and REALTOR®, I’ve driven and walked along pretty much every street in this amazing community. One of the best things about Sherwood Park is it’s big enough to provide every amenity and world-­class facility you need, but small enough that you get to know the entire area, rather than just a pocket or quadrant of it.

Of course, I do have my favourite areas of Sherwood Park, and today I’m shining a special “Sonia Spotlight” on my three top communities: Summerwood, Foxhaven, and Foxboro. I’ve had the pleasure of helping many families purchase and sell homes in these wonderful communities, and if you drive down the streets of any of these three lovely neighbourhoods, you’re likely to notice even more “Sonia Sells” signs on front lawns, and a few more leopard­-printed benches dotting the streets. And, of course, keep an eye out for the new Sonia­-Mobile driving by on the way to a showing or client meeting!

I have in-­depth expertise in every area of Sherwood Park, but when it comes to Summerwood, Foxhaven, and Foxboro my knowledge runs that much deeper. I work in these areas all the time, and I know them like the back of my hand. All three have a reputation for being great family-­centric communities, with attractive, modern housing, convenient locations with access to top amenities, and beautiful parks.

So don’t be surprised if the next time you’re walking through one of these neighbourhoods you “Spot Sonia” there too!


Summerwood is one of Sherwood Park’s newest communities, located in the north­-eastern corner of the city. Located north of Lakeland Drive, south of the Yellowhead, east of Highway 21 and west of Clover Bar Road, Summerwood is an ideal neighbourhood for people commuting into Edmonton or into areas north and east of Sherwood Park.

Built around a lake and winding creek, Summerwood has a great mixture of natural greenspace and family-­friendly development. There are lots of grassy parks, playgrounds, community walking trails, and urban forest land in the Summerwood area. If you like looking out your back door and seeing scenic parkland, keep your eyes peeled for a home in Summerwood that backs onto the lake or the creek: You’ll find lots of homes with scenic views here!

Summerwood is only minutes away from the new Emerald Hills Centre, where you’ll find every amenity your family could need, including grocery stores, big box retailers, restaurants, and professional services. In addition to its proximity to Emerald Hills Centre, there’s also a commercial centre on the corner of Clover Bar Road and Lakeland Drive, including a grocery store, banking, coffee shops, and other shops and services. This community is also close to the new Strathcona Community Hospital, and the new Archbishop Jordan Catholic School. Future planned development includes the Emerald Hills Aquatic Centre.

Along the Clover Bar Road corridor are several condominiums that back on to park land and the Summerwood creek, providing scenic views and access to the trail system. This community is extremely walkable and pedestrian­-friendly, great for joggers, cyclists, families with young children, and anyone who likes to get out and stay active.

Check Out Summerwood Homes for Sale


The community of Foxhaven is located in southeast Sherwood Park, along Clover Bar Road. To the north, Foxhaven is bordered by the Heritage Wetland area, a series of interconnected parks and small lakes, while to the south Foxhaven sits next to its sister­community, Foxboro. There is fast and easy access to Clover Bar Road from Foxhaven, and both Wye Road and Highway 21 are nearby.

This small pocket of Sherwood Park is quiet and extremely family friendly. Surrounded by parkland and well-­connected with the Heritage Trail system, there are many opportunities to get outside and stay active. Strathcona Athletic Park is just west of Foxhaven across Clover Bar Road, along with two schools: Bev Facey High School and F.R. Haythorne School.

A short drive north on Clover Bar Road will bring you to the Lakeland Ridge shopping area, where you’ll find all the key amenities, including groceries, banking services, restaurants, and coffee shops.

Located within Foxhaven is the Grande Foxhaven Condo Complex, a sought­-after development in Sherwood Park and know for its excellent amenities, well­-appointed suites, and great location with a view of the nearby lake. An excellent option for those empty-­nesters looking to downsize, or couples that prefer a “lock and leave” lifestyle.

Check Out Foxhaven Homes for Sale


Just south of Foxhaven is Foxboro. Located with Highway 21 bordering it on the east and Clover Bar Road bordering it on the west, this is another well-­established community in Sherwood Park. Wye Road is easily accessible through Clover Bar Road, which will quickly take commuters into the southeast Edmonton, or out to the Highway for a visit to one of Strathcona’s many rural parks and lakes, or even to Elk Island National Park located east of the city.

Outdoor enthusiasts, runners, and cyclists will find the Foxboro trails connect very well with the wider network within Sherwood Park. Feature parks in Foxboro include Foxboro Park to the north and Florian Park to the south, with a multi-­use trail that links the parks together to make a great route for walking, cycling, or a jog with your dog.

Just across Clover Bar Road you’ll find both F.R. Haythorne School and Bev Facey High, sitting on either side of the big Strathcona Athletic Park. Venture a little farther west, and you’ll find Ball Lake and its island park, a popular place to spend a sunny summer afternoon or to have a picnic with the family.

Check Out Foxboro Homes for Sale

First Time Home Buyers: Breaking Into the Market with Sonia

Tue, 24 Jun by Sonia Tarabay

If I was standing in a crowd of home buyers, I’d be able to pick out the first-time buyers every time: They’re the ones with huge smiles on their faces, and almost vibrating with excitement!

Buying your first home is one of life’s great “firsts”, and I’m always thrilled and honoured when I get to be a part of that experience. When you buy into the real estate market for the first time, you’re taking a big step forward: At the same time, you’re making a financial investment in your future, but you’re also starting the process of laying down roots and saying “this is where I belong”. It’s a brand new, exciting chapter of your life, and some of the largest smiles I’ve ever seen have been when I hand over that first set of keys on possession day!

Excited First Time Sherwood Park Home Buyers

If it’s your first time buying a home, teaming up with the right REALTOR® can make or break the experience. Not only do you need someone experienced who understand the market, but it’s important to work with a REALTOR® you like and can make a connection with. Someone who you feel comfortable spending hours, evenings, or even entire days with, driving around and looking at homes. Someone you trust to be honest with you when it’s most important, to stand up for your best interests at the negotiation table, and who shares your excitement about buying your first home.

5 Reasons You’ll Love Working with Sonia

1. REALTOR® & Mortgage Broker in One!

As both a professional REALTOR® and a licensed mortgage broker, I can literally help through the entire process, something that’s pretty rare in the industry. The world of mortgages is often one of the most confusing parts of buying your first home: Open, closed, high-ratio, fixed-rate, variable rate… how do you know where to start?

Being a mortgage broker in addition to a REALTOR® means I have a full and complete understanding of the entire buying process, which my first-time clients find invaluable. In addition to helping you pick the right home, I can also help you decide which mortgage is right for you and your financial situation, and help walk you through the pre-approval process.

2. We’ll Have Lots of Fun!

Buying your first home is exciting! And it should be! The last thing you want is to work with someone who isn’t as excited as you are about this next great chapter of your life. Real estate isn’t just a job for me, it’s one of my passions, and it’s because I love helping people have great experiences in the real estate market and being a part of that excitement. I want your first time buying and selling real estate to be a fun, positive experience that gets your life as a homeowner off to the best possible start. When you work with me get ready to have a good time: There will be lots of laughter and smiles for sure!

3. I’m a Friendly Tiger

I’m known as Sherwood Park’s real estate Tiger for good reason, but everyone who’s worked with me knows I’m a very friendly one. I pride myself on being approachable, a good listener, and I’m available for phone calls, questions, text-messages, or emails 24-7. I’m here to help you through the process of buying your first home, and if there’s something you don’t understand or aren’t sure about, you never have to worry about whether it’s a “good time” to ask. My years of experience and in-depth understanding of the real estate and mortgage industry are at your disposal, any time you need to draw from it. Whether you’ve got a question or need some advice, my door is always open.

4. I’m Always on Your Side

Remember: I’m your tiger. That means I’m always on your side and looking out for your best interests, no matter what. The thing about tigers is we’re extremely loyal: Once I’ve created a personal connection and relationship with someone I care about, I’m your steadfast supporter. I won’t let you get in over your head, try to sell you something you can’t afford or that doesn’t meet your needs, or push you into making a decision you’re not ready to make, and I’ll also stand in front of anyone else that tries to push you around. Tigers use their claws to protect the people they care about, and that’s you!

5. Friendship: Make a Relationship That Lasts

There’s a reason people want to work with me over and over again, and it’s because somewhere along the way during that first buying or selling experience, we became good friends. Part of my passion for real estate is my love of people: Meeting new people, making new friends, and creating long-lasting relationships. I’m not looking for a fast sale and a handshake, I want to get to know you! Your dreams, your plans for the future, your personality, and the lifestyle you want for your family. And you know what? By becoming friends we make an even greater REALTOR®/Client team because friends communicate openly and honestly, and they trust one another to have each other’s back.

Our relationship doesn’t end on closing day, or on possession day, or even after you’re moved in, because friendships last long after a contract is over.

Sherwood Park Real Estate Market Update

Tue, 27 May by Sonia Tarabay

sherwood-park-real-estate-market-updateIf you’re thinking about buying or selling a home in Sherwood Park or the wider Edmonton area in the next 6 months, it’s a good idea to keep an eye on the monthly market stats to see where the trends are.

Sherwood Park Real Estate Market Stats

In April, single family home total sales were up 33.8% from March, and up 12.6% from last April. That’s a great sign that more people are looking at buying Sherwood Park real estate and bringing their families to our great city this summer, which is good news if you’re planning on selling.

Looking at average price, the average selling price of a single family home in Sherwood Park has fallen slightly from last month, down around $6,000, or 1.4% from last month. When we dig deeper into the numbers, what we find is that more people are looking to buy homes at a more modest budget: Starter homes and first time home buyers are extremely active right now. We see this in particular when we look at the condo market where sales are up and the average price has increased by 3.5% over last month.

Sherwood Park Market Stats, Month-Over-Month

April 2014 March 2014
Single Family Home Sales 107 80
Single Family Home Average Price $452,448 $458,691
Condo Sales 30 21
Condo Average Price $328,963 $317,723

What about your long term investment? When we look year­-over-­year, we see that single family homes in Sherwood Park are continuing to increase in value overall. The average price of a Sherwood Park house has risen 2.6% since 2013, and 8.9% since 2012. And since Sherwood Park is growing, it’s a good bet your investment in the real estate market will continue to grow as well.

Sherwood Park Market Stats, Year-Over-Year

April 2014 April 2013 April 2012
Single Family Home Sales 107 95 94
Single Family Home Average Price $452,448 $441,062 $415,520

When I compared active listings from the last 90 days for Sherwood Park with active listings from Edmonton for the same time period, we can get a “current snapshot” of how the two markets compare.

Active Listings (Last 90 Days)

Sherwood Park Average Edmonton Average
List Price $476,625 $453,395
Days on Market 30 Days 46 Days
Price / Sq.Ft. $304/sq.ft. $297/sq.ft.
Home Age 17.1 Years 23.3 Years

The average list price of homes in Sherwood Park is higher than Edmonton, as is the price per square foot. The best news for home owners selling Sherwood Park real estate is the average days on market: in Sherwood Park, the average days on market is only 30 days, compared to Edmonton at 46 days!

Are you a stats geek who wants all the numbers? Check out the REALTORS® Association of Edmonton website for current monthly stats for the entire Edmonton area.

Selling Sherwood Park Real Estate: Price it Right

Of course, once you’re ready to buy or sell, these kinds of monthly stats are too broad, especially for sellers: In order to price your home correctly for the current market, you need to consider more specific factors, including what price comparable homes are selling for right now in your neighbourhood. You won’t find these stats in a PDF or news release: You’ll need an experienced Sherwood Park REALTOR® to help you understand the value of your property in the current market.

Ready to sell your Sherwood Park Home? Call me to get started with a Sherwood Park Comparative Market Analysis and Home Evaluation. Together, we can get the best price for your home.

Sherwood Park Homes, Sherwood Park Homeowners & New Years Resolutions

Tue, 31 Dec by Sonia Tarabay

Top New Years Resolutions For Sherwood Park Homeowners

Can you believe we’re already in the year 2014?

This year has flown by so quickly! And I am very excited to start another year of helping residents buy or sell their Sherwood Park homes. Speaking of which, the start of a New Year means new beginnings and for many Sherwood Park homeowners— a list of New Years Resolutions. I’ve made a list of what I think are the Top 10 most popular resolutions among Sherwood Park residents:

  • – Get out of debt
  • – Manage stress
  • – Get fit
  • – Lose weight
  • – Quit smoking
  • – Take a trip/vacation
  • – Volunteer
  • – Quit drinking or drink less
  • – Change jobs or Get a promotion
  • – Buy or sell their Sherwood Park homes

That’s right! Many Edmonton or Sherwood Park residents say to themselves, “2014 will be the year my family and I will finally own a Sherwood Park home!” Whether it’s to become a first time homeowner, or to sell their current property and downsize— this golden dream is very common! 

Buying A Sherwood Park Home in 2014?

No matter if you’re a first-time Sherwood Park homeowner, or purchasing another property— this is your year to shine.
Sherwood Park Homes, Sherwood Park Homeowners & New Years Resolutions3This is definitely your year! So I’m committing to helping you with this New Years Resolution and getting you on the path towards homeownership. If you’re searching the market for a new property I highly recommend you start the process early. Starting the pre-qualification process at the start of the year will give you an advantage over other applicants who wait until the market picks up in Spring. Not only that, but it gives you time to make some changes that can boost your credit. Did you know I’m a qualified Mortgage Broker with Verico iMortgage Solutions Inc? Many of my past clients found this extremely helpful, especially when they’re getting started with the pre-qualification process.  To help you obtain the best mortgage options and mortgage rates available in the marketplace today. AND there is absolutely no cost to help you do this! I am compensated through the lender so my goal is just to help you get the best deal possible.

Do You Have A Sherwood Park Home To Sell?

If you’re excited to put a For Sale sign on your front yard, or if you need help selling your Sherwood Park home— Sonia is here for you!


Your home can be SOLD with Sonia!

As the clock struck midnight and you yelled, “Happy New Year” you secretly thought, “I hope I can finally put my home on the market this year.” Well the good news is with my proven Aggressive Marketing Plan- You can! Not only will you receive my 5 star service, but your home will sell fast and for top dollar. I use my excellent negotiation skills and presence in Sherwood Park to give your property maximum exposure which ultimately gives you the best results and my results speak for themselves! I’m very proud to say I have tough negotiation skills, because it saves you money! So if you want to place a For Sale sign on your home this year give me a call. I would be more than happy to provide you with a complimentary home evaluation and work with you. 2014 will be the year we make a real estate move!” Whether its to become a first-time home owner or to sell because you need more space or are downsizing, I can help make your dreams become a reality! Let’s do this together and start this new year off right.

For all your Sherwood Park & Edmonton Real Estate needs, get a “Tiger” on your side.

Community Profile – SummerWood

Thu, 31 Oct by Sonia Tarabay

Live In Beautiful SummerWood!

Experience creekside living in the Sherwood Park residential development of SummerWood. This lively area brings Creekside living to residents and offers year-round activities to visitors. SummerWood is best known for its charm, its parks, its natural green spaces, and its large estate homes. Take a drive to this area and you will want to buy a SummerWood Home For Sale!
Sherwood Park: SummerWood The development is a convenient 25 minute drive to Edmonton’s Downtown Core and a 30 minute drive to the Edmonton International Airport. SummerWood is nestled between the communities of Lakeland Village to the North and Davidson Creek to the South. Since it’s located near the outskirts of Sherwood Park, residents can easily access Highway 21 to the East and Highway 16 (Yellowhead Trail) to the North. Cloverbar Road and Lakeland Drive make up the community’s West and South borders respectively.

As I mentioned before, SummerWood is a beautiful creekside community. Its network of parks and trails connect residents with nature, while giving the area a natural park-like atmosphere. SummerWood Homes for sale are placed on pie-shaped lots and back onto the creek.

If you want to live in this scenic, yet luxurious community contact me today. I currently have a beautiful property listed in SummerWood: a half duplex home with double garage. To view the listing click here. As a Real Estate “Tiger” I can help you find the SummerWood Home of your dreams!

For all your Sherwood Park Real Estate needs, get a “Tiger” on your side!

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