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Another amazing Great Canadian Trade Fair!

Wed, 12 Apr by Sonia Tarabay

If you ever need a reminder of how special Strathcona County or how inspirational its people, all you need to do is attend the Great Canadian Trade Fair and Sale, which was held last weekend at Millennium Place.

Walking through the Trade Fair, I got a sense of all of the incredible things that people are doing in Strathcona County. There are so many passionate people in this community doing what they love and all of that positive energy is invigorating.

This was my sixth year as an exhibitor at the Trade Fair and it’s a date I always circle on my calendar. One of the best things about the event is seeing all of the familiar faces, from clients who I have bought or sold houses for, to all the members of this tight-knit community that I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know over the years.

It’s also an excellent opportunity to meet knew people and I had a blast making new friends over the weekend, and talking about why they call me Sherwood Park’s Real Estate Tiger. I also enjoyed connecting with my fellow Chamber of Commerce members and with the members of Strathcona County Council.

I’d like to extend a huge thank you to the Chamber and all of its volunteers who once again did a fabulous job organizing the show. Also, thank you to the great restaurants, which brought their tastiest dishes to Taste of Strathcona and to the more than 300 exhibitors. I’m already looking forward to next year’s event!

Warmest regards,

Sonia for All Your Real Estate and Mortgage Needs!

Wed, 20 Jan by Sonia Tarabay

Are you ready to save time, stress and money? I sure hope so! Because when you work with me, you get a top Sherwood Park REALTOR® and an expert Mortgage Broker all in one!

Since the beginning of my career, I have always been motivated to provide an even more complete and improved real estate buying experience for my clients. This is why I chose to be both a licensed REALTOR® with Remax Elite and a licensed Mortgage Broker with Verico iMortgage Solutions. This expertise combo is definitely a rarity within the industry and it’s also a very powerful one. I believe in assisting my clients through the entire process of buying and selling a home, and my deep understanding of the mortgage industry over the past 7 years has allowed me to become a stronger, more knowledgeable REALTOR® who can offer expert advice in all areas of real estate.

Sonia jan 2016


Not only am I finding my buyers and investors great deals on Sherwood Park homes, but I am also helping them find great deals on mortgage rates, terms and options available in the market place today.

So whether you are buying your first home or your tenth home, put my expertise to work for you! I am available to serve my clients 7 days a week and welcome your phone calls. Along with my awesome mortgage team, we can help you get pre-approved for financing almost immediately. Then it’s time for us to have a lot of fun house-hunting together! So let’s get started today! Ultimately, my goal is lifelong happy clients.

Warmest regards,


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I Love Selling Sherwood Park Homes!

Wed, 13 Jan by Sonia Tarabay

As a longtime resident of Sherwood Park, I consider it a privilege to work, live and play in this awesome community!

Sherwood Park has been our home for over a decade now and I can still remember the excitement I felt the very first time I visited this place. I fell totally in love with it! It was as though something wonderful was about to happen. Well, it did! I met some of my most valued friends and clients right here at home, and for that I am eternally grateful.

My husband Eddy and I have three children; Alexa, Lennox and Eva. We feel blessed that they are growing up in a safe and happy community, attending good schools and have made some wonderful friends. Naturally, every parent wants to provide the best for their children and we certainly have found the best of family life living in Sherwood Park.

In following my passion for real estate, I decided to launch my business in 2009 and focused primarily on helping Sherwood Park residents. There was no question in my mind that it was the best decision I ever made. Having grown up in an entrepreneurial family, I had a strong business background and a proven track record in sales. My education was also in business and marketing. In addition, my branding with the use of animal prints was very unique to the real estate industry and my marketing plan for selling homes was very aggressive, which ultimately benefited my clients. Undoubtedly, clients knew when hiring me they would receive my “5 star service”. They knew that I cared about them and that I would work hard on their behalf to help them achieve the best results, whether they were buying or selling a home. Soon I became known as “Sherwood Park’s Real Estate Tiger”.

Sonia Sells Sherwood Park Homes sml

Today, I am fortunate to have worked with hundreds of clients selling hundreds of homes and helping peoples’ dreams of home ownership come true. Knowing that I have helped make that kind of contribution in someone’s life is incredibly rewarding for me on a very personal level. Having cultivated these client relationships is what keeps me focused and driven  every day to continue to help more and more people in the world of real estate.

I am extremely grateful and appreciative for the ongoing trust and support I receive from the Sherwood Park community. I must admit that it’s a lot of fun to drive around town in my animal wrapped “Sonia-mobile” and see people on the road wave and smile back at me. Sometimes I even get a thumbs up! It’s also pretty cool to be recognized by the kids when I’m shopping around town! I often laugh about it as I am just like every other mom out there.

Should you be looking to buy or sell a home in Sherwood Park, please feel free to drop me a line. I would love to hear from you! Many thanks and I wish you and your family a wonderful year ahead!

Warmest regards,

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Shop Local!

Fri, 04 Dec by Sonia Tarabay

When shopping for family and friends this holiday season, be sure to shop local! Shopping local helps strengthen the economic base of your community. Here are some benefits below:

Tax Base. One of the five benefits of shopping locally is the increased tax base. By shopping locally, taxes paid by these businesses are used within your community. Common uses for local sales tax include investments in infrastructure, police and fire departments, libraries, and parks.

Jobs. Local shops employ local residents, which means there will be more job opportunities within your community. The increase in jobs, one of the five benefits of shopping locally, also has a domino effect. Local stores will need to hire other local residents to help with accounting, create store signs, etc.

Product Diversity. Product diversity, one of the five benefits of shopping locally, may not seem important at first, but it is a win-win situation for local customers. Big box stores have national sales plans, and generally do not stock their stores with products that are sought after within a specific region. Local shops will need to stock their stores with products that their local customers will want, so if you have many local shops within your community, there will be a much broader range of product choices.

Competition. Competition of local shops is also one of the most important five benefits of shopping locally. Big box stores often drive mom and pop shops out of business, which means there is no competition. With no competition, the big box stores can charge higher prices. By having a multitude of local stores within your community, all of the stores will need to keep their prices competitive in order to gain your business.

Community Well-Being. The final benefit on our list of the five benefits of shopping locally is community well-being. By shopping at local shops, you will most likely run into your friends and family more often, which helps unite the community together as a whole. Local business owners are also more likely to donate more to local causes than big box stores are.

This Christmas, be merry, have fun and shop local!

Shop Local Sonia


Shop Local This Christmas

Tue, 04 Nov by Sonia Tarabay

Christmas Shopping In Sherwood ParkNovember is here and we all know what that means: Christmas is just over a month away! Which also means it’s time to start thinking about Christmas shopping, so break out the eggnog, grab your kids’ wish lists, and let’s get started!

Some people dread Christmas shopping – the crowds, the chaos, the stress of finding that perfect something for the hard­-to-­buy-­for person on your list, the endless looping Christmas music – but if you plan it right and get started early, Christmas shopping can be a ton of fun. Getting started early means you avoid the crazy crowds at big shopping malls, and – bonus – you aren’t yet tired of Christmas carols so they leave you feeling extra festive!

Additionally, if you start your shopping early, you have plenty of time for research, browsing for stocking­-stuffers, and exploring what great gifts you can find locally, right here in Sherwood Park and surrounding area. In a day and age where we can do our Christmas shopping in our PJs in bed with a laptop, it’s important to also remember that Sherwood Park has a wealth of awesome stores, boutiques, one­-of-­a-­kind shops, and Christmas craft fairs where you can find unique gifts you just won’t see anywhere else.

Local Christmas Craft Fairs and Handmade Markets

More than any other time of year, Christmas is when local entrepreneurs, craftspeople, and extremely talented local artists have a chance to show off their goods and really shine. There is a huge amount of talent in the wider Edmonton area, and at many of these sales you’ll find hundreds of local “makers” who love their community and create awesome products. From unique jewelry and clothing to lovingly hand-­built toys and seriously delicious food items, these are great places to find gifts you’ll never see online. Seriously, you can find the BEST stocking stuffers at these events!

Here are some great upcoming craft shows and sales in the area you won’t want to miss:

Local Shops, Boutiques & Events in Sherwood Park

Sherwood Park has a lot of awesome, unique stores and boutiques you won’t find in any mall, all owned and operated by locals who live right here in Sherwood Park. Shopping local means you contribute to our local economy and keep it thriving, and the success of existing businesses make our city an attractive place for more cool people to create more great things!

And remember: Buying someone a gift doesn’t mean you have to get them a “thing”. You can also get them a great experience, like a gift card or certificate to a cool local restaurant, tickets to an upcoming concert or comedy show at Festival Place, or a pass to their favourite local recreational facility.

Also, think about trying out one of our great local bakeries if you’re tasked with bringing a dessert or dish to an upcoming party rather than hitting up a generic grocery store. You’ll be helping a local business grow, and you’ll be the talk of the party for bring something extra­-special!

Below are some curated lists of unique­-to-­us places to get you started.

Local One-Stop Shopping

Living as close as we do to “the mall” in Edmonton (you know the one) it can be tempting to do a “one­-stop” there, steel yourself against the crowds, and get it done in one go. But why drive all the way to the west side of Edmonton to get stressed out by crowds?

You don’t need WEM to one-­stop your Christmas shopping, not when we’ve got two great local shopping centres right here in Sherwood Park. There are lots of great stores (pretty much everything you’ll find in WEM between the two), you don’t have to drive as far, and you won’t have to wade through all those people. Even closer to Christmas when the stores get busier, our local malls don’t get anywhere near as crazy.

Also, if you need more convincing, remember how long it took you to find parking at WEM last time you went on the last Saturday before Christmas? Stay in Sherwood Park: there’s lots of parking here!

Seasonal Fun in Sherwood Park

Tue, 21 Oct by Sonia Tarabay

Family walking along path in autumnOnce again the days are getting shorter, the temperature is coming down, and autumn has definitely hit Sherwood Park. It’s time to pack away summer clothes, bring out our cozy sweaters, and get ready for the coming winter.

But don’t let those “winter blues” get you down! We are lucky to live in a place like Sherwood Park with such a wide range of recreational facilities, activities, and fabulous seasonal events that make winter a ton of fun for your family. There’s so much to do in Sherwood Park over the winter months that you’d have to try really hard to get bored!

It’s easy when winter comes to go into “hibernation-­mode” and seal ourselves in our homes until spring comes. But if you want to beat the winter blues, it’s important to stay active and stay involved in your community. If you meet winter with the same enthusiasm as we always greet the summer months, you may even find you get excited for winter! And remember, the more fun you have when the snow flies, the shorter the cold months feel. The best way to make spring come faster is to enjoy yourself all winter long.

Outdoor Winter Activities

There are so many great activities you can only enjoy in the winter months! As soon as the snow flies, it will be time to bundle-­up and jump back into your favourite winter sport. Or just take to your backyard with the family on a weekend and build a snowman, have a snowball fight, or try to construct the best snow fort on the block! Afterwards, there’s a lot to love about bundling under a blanket with your kids and a cup of cocoa or hot cider.


There are some fantastic places to take the family sledding in Sherwood Park. Check out the Strathcona County Toboggan Hill list for a hill near you!

Cross-Country Skiing

All those great trail systems that run through Sherwood Park and Strathcona County are just as awesome in the winter as they are in the summer: They make fantastic cross-­country ski trails! If you’re into outdoor jogging and want to try something different – but just as good for your body – definitely give cross country skiing a try! Did you know you can sign up for cross­country skiing lessons at the Strathcona Wilderness Centre? Learn more about cross-­country skiing in Sherwood Park and Strathcona County.


First steps on the rinkMost of us probably have a set of skates, but how often have we strapped them on? There are great outdoor skating rinks scattered throughout Sherwood Park: There’s probably one within walking distance of your home! Learning to ice skate is something every Albertan does when we’re young, and maybe it’s your child’s first time skating! Pack a big thermos full of hot chocolate or warm soup, and take it with you for break times. Skating on outdoor rinks is a great, almost zero-­cost activity for your family in the winter. Find out which rink is closes to your house.

And if you’d rather skate indoors, check out both Millennium Place and the Glen Allan Rec Centre: Both facilities have great skating rinks, including leisure rinks perfect for the family on a weekend afternoon. Or, if you’re more of a spectator than a skater, you can always cheer on the Sherwood Park Crusaders at the Sherwood Park Arena and Sports Centre near Broadmoor Lake!

Downhill Skiing and Snowboarding

Sunridge Ski Area is only a few minutes drive from Sherwood Park, making it a popular skiing and snowboarding location for local families. You can get day passes, or seasons passes for the hardcore members of your family, and there are lessons available for people interested in upping skiing or snowboarding skills. Learn more about Sunridge Ski Area.

Indoor Winter Activities

If going outside in the cold isn’t your thing (and, let’s face it, we live in Alberta and sometimes its WAY too cold to go outside for any reason) then don’t despair! There are great indoor recreation opportunities in Sherwood Park to keep you active during the winter months.

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m a big fan of my Hot Yoga class, and I think I love it even more in the winter, when the tropical temperatures are a welcome change from the cold outside. Sherwood Park is home to some first­-class recreational facilities, and there are many activities, classes, and clubs to choose from, including some great after school activities for your kids. (Check out my kids favourites in a previous blog post, and scroll down to see the huge list of possible after-­school programs located right here in the city!)

Millennium Place

Millennium Place is located up on Premier Way, close to the Broadmoor Boulevard and Lakeland Drive intersection. This brand new facility includes a wave pool, lap pool, whirlpool, sauna, steam room, water playground, multi-­sport gymnasium, indoor sport fields, two arenas and a leisure rink, and a fully­-equipped wellness centre and gym. Wow! There’s always something great going on at Millennium Place, and their drop-­in programming is excellent. Learn more about Millennium Place or check out their Drop­-In activities.

Glen Allan Recreation Complex

The Glen Allan Rec Centre is home to the Sherwood Park Curling Club, and if you’ve considered trying out curling before make this winter your year to give it a try! This facility is also home to racquet sports including squash, racquetball, handball and wallyball; a stocked wellness centre and gym; and an indoor recreational skating rink for those extra nippy days when you still want to pull on the skates. Learn more about the Glen Allan Rec Centre.

Strathcona Wilderness Centre

This great outdoor facility provides access to kilometres of well­-groomed winter trails, perfect for winter walking, snowshoeing, or cross-­country skiing. You can rent inexpensive equipment for the whole family here, and if you’re really keen a season’s pass is worth looking into. Learn more about the Strathcona Wilderness Centre.

Horse Lovers Paradise

Wed, 04 Jun by Sonia Tarabay

Strathcona County horse loversAnyone who knows me knows I love animals, so Strathcona County is an ideal place for an animal lover like me.

Did you know that Strathcona County is the Horse Capital of Canada? This is supported by a horse survey count that was done in 2011. There are more than 300,000 horses in Alberta and the largest concentration is right here in the County.

The linkages to the horse goes back quite a ways in the history of the County. The name “Strathcona” originated with Lord Strathcona’s Horse, a Royal Canadian regiment. Even today, the regiment performs in period uniform and mounted on horseback.

There is definitely something for every horse lover here and a good place to start is with the Strathcona All Breed Horse Association which offers members open riding days, education sessions and shows.

Find a Strathcona County acreageThere are many equine services in Strathcona County ranging from full service facilities just five minutes outside of Sherwood Park like Cadence Creek to massage therapist and chiropractors at Heaven’s Gait Equine Solutions. And don’t forget to check out the local podcast called Equinely-Inclined.

Once I’ve found you the perfect home in Strathcona County, you can check out Alberta Equestrian and find the club best suited to you – it might be the Cooking Lake Saddle Club, the Hastings Lake Pleasure Horse Association, the Josephburg Riding Club or the Strathcona Pony Club.

Wherever you decide to settle in the County, I know you will find the perfect place to indulge your love for the equine!

Why I Specialize in Sherwood Park

Tue, 13 May by Sonia Tarabay

Since moving to Sherwood Park years ago, I completely fell in love with the community, and while I continue to service the wider Edmonton area I always get a little extra excited about working with my Sherwood Park clients. I like to think of myself as a self­-appointed ambassador for Sherwood Park, both as a resident and as a business owner here. Sometimes I get asked “Why Sherwood Park?” and I always have my answer ready.

So Sonia, Why Sherwood Park?

Sherwood Park is Family Friendly

The Tarabay Family: Alexa, Sonia, Lennox, Eddy, & Eva

The Tarabay Family: Alexa, Sonia, Lennox, Eddy, & Eva

New Strathcona County Library in Sherwood Park

The New Strathcona County Library in Sherwood Park, photo by Strathcona County

Sherwood Park is one of Canada’s most family­-friendly communities, and when you live and work here you notice it right away: there are tons of families everywhere! Lots of young couples are picking Sherwood Park and – most importantly – choosing to stay here as their families grow. Between our great school system, our world­-class recreational facilities, and wealth of park land, it’s easy to see the appeal.

I live and work in Sherwood Park, and my family loves it here. My children love their school and have made a ton of friends. After school, there are so many great activities and classes available for my children to join: My three are involved in dance classes, swimming clubs, Taekwondo, and archery: all located right here in Sherwood Park! One of my favourite places to take my family is the new Strathcona County Public Library located in the Centre in the Park. This wonderful new library is absolutely wonderful for families: there are cozy reading corners, interactive areas for children, and a huge selection of great books for all ages.

In 2014, MoneySense magazine gave Sherwood Park top marks in their review of the best places to live in Canada. Sherwood Park got the #10 spot in the Best Place to Raise Kids in Canada category, the #3 spot in the Overall Best Place to Live in Canada, and the #2 spot in the Best Small City to live in Canada category!

In addition, Sherwood Park has been routinely ranked as one of Alberta’s safest municipalities which, as a mother myself, is a hugely important factor when I chose to raise my family here.

Sherwood Park By The Numbers: Family Focused

Sherwood Park: Family Focused Community

  • The average age of a resident of Sherwood Park is 39, making us one of the youngest communities in the Province.
  • 19% of Sherwood Park’s population is under the age of 15. That’s a lot of families!
  • 57% of people living in Sherwood Park love it so much they’ve stayed for 10 years, and another 17% are well on their way, having lived here for at least 5 years!
  • Sherwood Park has had over 12% in population grown over the last 5 years: the Canadian average is only 5.9%!

From a business perspective, this family-­friendly focus of Sherwood Park is one of the big reasons the community is growing, and that means the real estate market is also growing! Young couples and families want to move here, and as their family expands and prospers they look for new move-­up opportunities in the Sherwood Park real estate market. Then, as people get older and their kids start families of their own, they want to downsize and remain within the community to stay close to their grandchildren.

Families drive a huge portion of the real estate market in any city, and Sherwood Park has the infrastructure, community involvement, and facilities to attract people. The real estate market is constantly growing, which makes working here really exciting!

Business Opportunities in Sherwood Park

Sherwood Park is Business Friendly

Lineup to get into Sherwood Park’s Annual Great Canadian Trade Show & Fair

Anyone who lives here or is tuned in knows there are many great business opportunities in Sherwood Park, both commercial and industrial. Our thriving business community is well-­connected and growing fast: Sherwood Park is one of the best places in the region to start up a business. That translates into a lot of opportunity, and a lot of prosperity in the area. I go out of my way to support local businesses in Sherwood Park, and stay involved in the community business network as well.

By The Numbers: Business in Sherwood Park & Strathcona County

  • No business licenses and no registration fees make Sherwood Park a great place to start up.
  • Sherwood Park has one of the highest incomes in Canada, with households averaging $147,000 per year. That’s the second highest in the country!
  • As of 2013, there were over 8,100 businesses in Sherwood Park and Strathcona County, ranging from large corporations to home-­based companies.
  • The Sherwood Park & District Chamber of Commerce has over 1,000 members: It’s the third­ largest business chamber in Alberta.
  • There’s access to a market population of 1.16 million, including the greater Edmonton area.

One of the greatest things about the Sherwood Park and Strathcona County business community is its incredible diversity. We have everything here! Manufacturing, refining, commercial, retail, investment, agricultural, entrepreneurs, trades, professional services… the list goes on. This diversity makes for great networking opportunities, which I often take advantage of with groups like the BNI Park Power Connections chapter in Sherwood Park.

Sherwood Park’s prosperity and growth also means there’s a larger number of people interested in the Sherwood Park real estate market as an investment, which is another facet of the market I love to work in. I’ve helped investors of all backgrounds and experience levels find opportunities in the Sherwood Park and Strathcona County market.

That’s Why I Work in Sherwood Park

It’s because of Sherwood Park’s family focus and thriving business community that I’ve come to specialize in Sherwood Park real estate. To learn more about Sherwood Park and why I love it, you can check out my Sherwood Park Info page. I’ve made so many friends here from within the business community and from dealings with my own Sherwood Park clients. Sherwood Park is my home, and one that I’ve very proud of.

As much as I love Sherwood Park, I still also love working with my many Edmonton clients as well, which is why my service area covers the entire Edmonton area. So whether you’re looking at real estate in Sherwood Park, Strathcona County, or Edmonton I am only a phone call or email away.

Sonia is at The Great Canadian Trade Fair & Sale This Weekend!

Tue, 08 Apr by Sonia Tarabay

sonia-trade-show-boothThis weekend is the Great Canadian Trade Fair & Sale at Millennium Place in Sherwood Park, and I’ll be there all weekend at booth #217. I’ll be easy to spot: just look for the animal print and jungle-themed booth!

I’ll have “sweet gifts” on hand for all existing clients, and everyone can enter their name to win one of the coveted “Sonia throw blankets”. Whether you’ve got a real estate question or just want to stop by and say “hello”, I’m looking forward to seeing everyone there!

Not sure what The Great Canadian Trade Fair & Sale is? Read my previous blog post to learn more!

Show Details

When: April 11-13, 2014
What Time: 1pm – 8pm on Friday
10am – 8pm on Saturday
10am – 5pm on Sunday
Where: Booth #217
Millennium Place
2000 Premier Way
Sherwood Park

Great Canadian Trade Fair and Sale Logo

Want to talk Sherwood Park real estate with Sonia but can’t make the Trade Fair? You can email or phone me at 780-707-6015 anytime!

Spot Sonia at the Great Canadian Trade Fair & Sale

Tue, 25 Mar by Sonia Tarabay

Sonia Tarabay at 2013 Great Canadian Trade Fair and SaleOnce again, I’ll be participating in The Great Canadian Trade Fair & Sale on April 11-13 at Millennium Place, a fantastic event put on every year by the Sherwood Park & District Chamber of Commerce. And every year we have more and more fun meeting old and new friends!

I’ll be set up at booth #217. In true Sonia fashion, I’ll make myself easy to “spot” in the crowd: look for the animal print and the jungle-themed booth, and you’re guaranteed to find me there! Existing clients are invited to pop by for a visit and pick up their “sweet gift”. Of course, everyone is welcomed to come by and chat with me about real estate or just stop by and say hello! Everyone can enter their name to win one my fabulous door prizes including the very soft, very lovely “Sonia throw blankets”. Just ask my clients: They’ll tell you they love these throws!

If you’re thinking about buying or selling a Sherwood Park home, please feel free to pop by for a low-key chat, to ask questions, or set up a future time for a consultation. I’d love to meet you, and talk about how I can help you sell or invest in the Sherwood Park real estate market!

Want to talk Sherwood Park real estate with Sonia but can’t make the Trade Fair? You can email or phone me at 780-707-6015 anytime!

The Where & The When

When: April 11-13, 2014
What Time: 1pm – 8pm on Friday10am – 8pm on Saturday

10am – 5pm on Sunday

Where: Booth #217Millennium Place

2000 Premier Way

Sherwood Park

Great Canadian Trade Fair and Sale Logo

Checkout the Great Canadian Trade Fair & Sale event page for full details.

What is The Great Canadian Trade Fair & Sale?

Every year, local Sherwood Park and Strathcona County businesses gather together in one place to promote our services and products. It’s been running annually for over 30 years, and it’s a fantastic event for connecting with the Sherwood Park community. All kinds of businesses and professional services show at the Trade Fair, from home renovation stores and contractors to gift shops and financial professionals.

The Trade Fair is a great family event, too! In addition to the booths for local Sherwood Park businesses, there will be fun activities for the kids. Last year’s event included a Kid Fun Zone, and a treasure chest with over 1,000 prizes for children: I’m certain this year’s event will be equally fun for all ages!

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