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Summer fun in Sherwood Park!

Tue, 27 Jun by Sonia Tarabay

It’s official! Summer is here! If you’re like me, you love to make the best of our fabulous summers because, as we all no, they always seem to be much too short. Here’s a top 10 list of great things to do in Sherwood Park!

10. Play sportball, try your hand at gardening or crafts and get in touch with your artistic side in Art Zone by Gallery@501 during the Summer Play Day at Broadmoor Lake Park. The Everybody Gets to Play event runs from 11 am to 2 pm.

9. Get wet and cool off at the RE/MAX Spray Park and Playground, located at Broadmoor Lake Park. The environmentally friendly park features a wide variety of new play structures and is a great way for all children up to 15 years old to spend a hot summer fay.

8. To celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday, Strathcona County is participating in the Canada 150 Mosaic Mural Project. Four hundred individual tiles will be painted and will form an eight foot by eight foot mural. Those interested in participating must register by calling 780-467-2211.

7. Get fit with a Summer Class Pass. Strathcona Country Recreation offers unlimited access to 25 of its most popular classes for just $99. Visit for more details.

6. Explore the Beaver Hills Biosphere! This unique park at the Strathcona Wilderness Centre has more than 12 km of trails and a whole whack of excellent activities to get you outdoors. Those include geocaching, disc golf and much more!

5. Need to work on your swing? Or just need to sharpen up your short game? Broadmoor Golf Course has courses for both boys and girls as well as men and women.

4. There’s nothing better than a dip in an outdoor pool on a summer afternoon and what better setting to learn to swim! If you need to polish up your front crawl, check out the Hasting Lake Swim@Camp, which takes place at the Hastings Lake Lutheran Bible Camp. For more information, call 780-464-2112.

3. Dust off the bike or your running shoes and explore the vast network of multi-purpose trails that stretch all over Sherwood Park. Bring your pup, because they are all welcome on the trails too!

2. If your dog needs a little more room to exercise and explore, consider taking them to the Deerhound Dog Off-leash site. To find the park, drive three kilometres south of Wye Road on Highway 21, turn west onto Township Road 522 and watch for off-leash area signs.

1. Celebrate Canada’s 150th Canada Day at Broadmoor Lake Park. It’s a huge year and the celebrations will be incredible! There’s way too much to list here, but I’ll give you a little sample of the highlights – laser tag, human foosball, axe throwing, wagon and pony rides, science rockets, archery, petting zoo and, of course, fireworks!

What else are you excited about doing in Sherwood Park this summer? Feel free to comment and let me know!

Warmest regards,


Happy Halloween Sherwood Park!

Sun, 30 Oct by Sonia Tarabay


Whether you are a goblin or a ghoul, a princess or a pirate, I hope you all have a fun and safe Halloween this year. Sherwood Park has been transformed into a spooky village so I hope you get just a little bit scared too!

I love Halloween because it allows everyone to show their creative talent. There are so many unique costumes and decorations! I admire the hard work, dedication and creativity that go into them. I love all of the cute kids excited to both dress up and to devour all of their hard earned candy! All of my kids love Halloween, especially my daughter Eva, who is going as a little devil this year!

As much fun as it is, it’s also very important to be safe on All Hallow’s Eve. Thankfully we live in a great community and there are many ways to Trick or Treat in a safe environment. Traditional Trick or Treating is hard to beat and going door-to-door is made possible from excellent support from our local RCMP, as well as the Sherwood Park Crusaders, who will be seen all around Sherwood Park wearing their jerseys and acting as citizens on patrol. Don’t hesitate to ask a Crusader for help if you are in need of any assistance!

The Sherwood Park Mall is also once again hosting Trick or Treating on Halloween from 4 p.m. until 8 p.m. The stores in the mall have been offering this family friendly opportunity for many years and it’s an excellent way to enjoy the evening, especially if it’s chilly outside.

If you’re wanting to get properly spooked, Strathcona County will be offering a free transit shuttle from the mall to Gallery@501 on Festival Way, where there is a haunted house set up. The haunted house is $2 per person.

Savour the candy and enjoy the one night a year that you can be anyone your heart desires!

Have a frightful night everyone!


10 Tips To Get Your Child Ready For School

Fri, 14 Aug by Sonia Tarabay


Starting school is an important step in your child’s life—and yours. It’s a big change. It’s exciting. It’s even a little scary. Here are 10 tips that will help you get your child ready for that first day of school.

school bus moving













  1. Get familiar with the school. Before the first day of school, visit the school with your child so that the route, the building, and school surroundings become familiar.
  2. Start the routine early. About a week or so before the start of school, begin putting your child to bed at a normal time for a school night. For a week before school starts, be sure your child then gets up, dressed, and fed like a regular school morning.
  3. Practise sharing. Give your child all kinds of opportunities to be with other kids, to learn to share, wait, and take turns. That’s what school is all about.
  4. Children should dress themselves. You won’t be at school to help your child get ready for the outdoors. Encourage children to practise at home putting on and taking off their own jacket, snowpants, boots, etc.
  5. Dress your child accordingly. Your child is going to be active at school. Choose clothes and shoes that are comfortable and durable. Give your child outdoor clothing for all types of weather.
  6. Teach the importance of listening. School means being able to listen. Kids need to understand and practise listening, things like: look at who is talking, don’t interrupt, and think about what is being said.
  7. Learn at home. Include learning in your child’s everyday life. For example, a child can practise by reading package labels or weighing produce while shopping. Read to your child. Play word or counting games.
  8. Develop young muscles. Give your child every opportunity to exercise and develop larger muscles by running, climbing, playing with a ball, etc. Smaller hand muscles can be strengthened with Play-Dough®, pencils, and crayons.
  9. Set “at home” ground rules. Figure out priorities for after-school activities, homework, chores, TV time, and video games before the first day of school. This will allow you to agree on a schedule and avoid confrontation later on.
  10. Encourage questions. Give your child the confidence to ask questions in all situations. Let your child know that it’s OK to tell the teacher if something is hard to understand.


Let’s not forget the importance of getting enough sleep and eating a healthy breakfast! Should you be looking for a new home for your family, please feel free to contact me. I would love to hear from you!


10 Tips for First-Time Homebuyers and Sellers

Thu, 23 Apr by Sonia Tarabay

Like many firsts, diving into real estate can be daunting. Whether you are buying or selling there are many processes to consider in order to get the best results. You are ready to make that big step into ownership and your wish list is ready! I would like to share these great tips for first-time home buyers and sellers along with some great questions to ask!


Advice for Buyers

  1. The very first thing you need to do in the home-buying process is to sit down with a lender and get pre-approved. This should be done before you start touring any homes.
  2. Prepare a list of must haves and stock with it!
  3. Remember that you are not just buying the house, but the neighborhood too. Spend some time in the area and see if it offers some of the lifestyle conveniences you’ll need.
  4. Don’t see to many houses in one day. You’ll feel overwhelmed and confused after touring several homes. As a practice, good real estate agents will normally limit you to four or five and then let those digest with you before reassessing the search.
  5. It’s a great idea to take detailed notes and even take a few photos to help you remember. Too many homes in a short period of time will run together in your mind and you may not remember which kitchen or which master bedroom belonged to which house.
  6. As tempted as you may be to max out your budget, try your best no to. Just because your bank approved you for a higher amount, doesn’t mean you have to spend it all. Why? Because you have to pay it all back. You don’t want to go into a first home maxed out.


Advice for Sellers

  1. List your home at the right price from the start. Homes that enter the market overpriced usually sit for a long time before receiving any offers. If you want to be competitive and sell quickly, a comparative analysis to determine the right price is essential.
  2. Be flexible! When you make homebuyers jump through the hoops to see your house, you’ll turn them off and they’ll move on to the next house. Try your best to accommodate every tour request. You never know which appointment will being an offer.
  3. Buyers tour homes with four out of five of their senses: sight, sound, smell and touch. Bad smells in a house can turn off buyers immediately. Be sure to neutralize your home of any bad pet or smoke odors before opening your doors to potential buyers. Even before viewings any strong cooking smells can affect your viewing.
  4. Staging your home is super important as well as removing clutter. I recommend removing two-thirds of your personal belongings and furniture for the best staging. Use your garage or storage facility to store your belongings for the time being. Open curtains or drapes to allow maximum natural light in. Move furniture out of walkways and away from windows so the room will feel larger. If your home has dark paint, it’s worthwhile to repaint with a light neutral paint color.


Questions to Ask

  • How much are the taxes?

  • What are the local schools in the area?

  • If buying a condo, how much are the fees? What do they include? How many parking spaces are included?

  • Does the home come with a warranty? Can you have this written into the offer?

  • If buying in a HOA subdivision, do they permit you to rent out your property?

  • How close is the nearest hospital, police station and firehouse?

  • How old is the roof and windows?

  • Can you see the homeowner and community disclosures prior to making an offer?


In the end, getting the right professional help when looking to buy or sell a home is so important. I consistently demonstrate a true commitment to my clients, making them my #1 priority. I consider Real Estate my lifestyle rather than just a career, and make myself available 7 days a week to all my clients. I am able to succeed in the industry so well because I have mastered the art of working hard, putting my clients first, always going above and beyond for others.  Contact me anytime, I would love to hear from you!



Valentine’s Day Around the World

Tue, 10 Feb by Sonia Tarabay

Valentine’s Day is one of my favorite days of the year because it exemplifies love, friendship and passion. In my opinion, this is the real meaning of life. I am passionate about my relationships, my business, and above all my family. My family is my world!

There are several stories about who Saint Valentines was: one dates to Roman times, another from the 17th century. In both cases the tradition can be traced to a priest who married young couples in secret. Whatever the true story may be, love is a global phenomenon and Valentine’s Day is celebrated around the world in fascinating and different ways.

Here is how a few countries celebrate Valentine’s Day:

Of course in Italy, the “Day of Love” is celebrated in classic style with a spring Festival! On Valentine’s day couples get together to enjoy music, poetry and exchange gifts like the baci perugina,” a box of small hazelnut-filled chocolate “kisses” (baci means “kiss” in Italian). This box will be accompanied with a romantic quote printed in four languages. Also, according to old tradition, the first man a girl sees that day will become her husband and they would be married within a year.

Paris, “The city of love” is practically the world capital of Valentine’s Day, as couples from around the globe flock here for the special day. On Valentine’s Day, lovers in France exchange letters and cards, a world-wide tradition that claims its origins in France! History says that the Duke of Orleans, Charles, wrote the first Valentine’s card, because he signed his poem as “Your Valentine”.

In China the equivalent of Valentine’s Day is the “Qixi Festival”, which means “The Night of Seven”, and is celebrated usually in early August, on the seventh day of the seventh lunar month. This tradition recalls an old ancestral story that has been passed from generation to generation for centuries.

If flowers are romantic, then Taiwan, which is world famous for its flowers, boasts the most romantic celebration in the world! And they celebrate it twice a year: February 14th and also on July 7th. Here the men are expected to give bouquets of flowers to their beloved one. According to Taiwanese tradition, the color and number of flowers will represent an important message…. red roses will represent “an only love”, ninety-nine roses will express “love forever”, and 108 roses signifies popping “The question”…”Will you marry me?”

If you are looking for a huge party, Brazil’s Carnival is often running during all of February or March each year, coinciding with Valentine’s Day. The local equivalent to Valentine’s Day is “Dia dos enamorados” or “Lovers day” and is on June 12th. Brazilians love to exchange chocolates, flowers, cards etc… but in addition, musical performances are held throughout cities and towns, bringing together couples and families from all elements of society. Brazilians also celebrate “Saint Anthony’s Day,” which commemorates the patron saint of marriage.

Valentines Day Around the WorldChile
Chile is known as “the land of poets”, and it is true that Chileans are really romantic too. The “Dia de San Valentin” is anticipated greatly by lovers. Chileans love to celebrate and Valentine’s Day is a special occasion for couples, who celebrate with true excitement. It’s typical to walk around the city and see decorations all around as shops, malls and streets are beautifully decorated with flowers, balloons, and heart garlands.

No matter where we live – bring Valentine’s Day into your home! Have fun with a new decorative wreath on your front door or stylish heart pillows on your sofa. Take your sweetheart out for dinner to one of our many great local restaurants. How do you celebrate Valentine’s Day? I would love to hear from you!

Shop Local This Christmas

Tue, 04 Nov by Sonia Tarabay

Christmas Shopping In Sherwood ParkNovember is here and we all know what that means: Christmas is just over a month away! Which also means it’s time to start thinking about Christmas shopping, so break out the eggnog, grab your kids’ wish lists, and let’s get started!

Some people dread Christmas shopping – the crowds, the chaos, the stress of finding that perfect something for the hard­-to-­buy-­for person on your list, the endless looping Christmas music – but if you plan it right and get started early, Christmas shopping can be a ton of fun. Getting started early means you avoid the crazy crowds at big shopping malls, and – bonus – you aren’t yet tired of Christmas carols so they leave you feeling extra festive!

Additionally, if you start your shopping early, you have plenty of time for research, browsing for stocking­-stuffers, and exploring what great gifts you can find locally, right here in Sherwood Park and surrounding area. In a day and age where we can do our Christmas shopping in our PJs in bed with a laptop, it’s important to also remember that Sherwood Park has a wealth of awesome stores, boutiques, one­-of-­a-­kind shops, and Christmas craft fairs where you can find unique gifts you just won’t see anywhere else.

Local Christmas Craft Fairs and Handmade Markets

More than any other time of year, Christmas is when local entrepreneurs, craftspeople, and extremely talented local artists have a chance to show off their goods and really shine. There is a huge amount of talent in the wider Edmonton area, and at many of these sales you’ll find hundreds of local “makers” who love their community and create awesome products. From unique jewelry and clothing to lovingly hand-­built toys and seriously delicious food items, these are great places to find gifts you’ll never see online. Seriously, you can find the BEST stocking stuffers at these events!

Here are some great upcoming craft shows and sales in the area you won’t want to miss:

Local Shops, Boutiques & Events in Sherwood Park

Sherwood Park has a lot of awesome, unique stores and boutiques you won’t find in any mall, all owned and operated by locals who live right here in Sherwood Park. Shopping local means you contribute to our local economy and keep it thriving, and the success of existing businesses make our city an attractive place for more cool people to create more great things!

And remember: Buying someone a gift doesn’t mean you have to get them a “thing”. You can also get them a great experience, like a gift card or certificate to a cool local restaurant, tickets to an upcoming concert or comedy show at Festival Place, or a pass to their favourite local recreational facility.

Also, think about trying out one of our great local bakeries if you’re tasked with bringing a dessert or dish to an upcoming party rather than hitting up a generic grocery store. You’ll be helping a local business grow, and you’ll be the talk of the party for bring something extra­-special!

Below are some curated lists of unique­-to-­us places to get you started.

Local One-Stop Shopping

Living as close as we do to “the mall” in Edmonton (you know the one) it can be tempting to do a “one­-stop” there, steel yourself against the crowds, and get it done in one go. But why drive all the way to the west side of Edmonton to get stressed out by crowds?

You don’t need WEM to one-­stop your Christmas shopping, not when we’ve got two great local shopping centres right here in Sherwood Park. There are lots of great stores (pretty much everything you’ll find in WEM between the two), you don’t have to drive as far, and you won’t have to wade through all those people. Even closer to Christmas when the stores get busier, our local malls don’t get anywhere near as crazy.

Also, if you need more convincing, remember how long it took you to find parking at WEM last time you went on the last Saturday before Christmas? Stay in Sherwood Park: there’s lots of parking here!

Seasonal Fun in Sherwood Park

Tue, 21 Oct by Sonia Tarabay

Family walking along path in autumnOnce again the days are getting shorter, the temperature is coming down, and autumn has definitely hit Sherwood Park. It’s time to pack away summer clothes, bring out our cozy sweaters, and get ready for the coming winter.

But don’t let those “winter blues” get you down! We are lucky to live in a place like Sherwood Park with such a wide range of recreational facilities, activities, and fabulous seasonal events that make winter a ton of fun for your family. There’s so much to do in Sherwood Park over the winter months that you’d have to try really hard to get bored!

It’s easy when winter comes to go into “hibernation-­mode” and seal ourselves in our homes until spring comes. But if you want to beat the winter blues, it’s important to stay active and stay involved in your community. If you meet winter with the same enthusiasm as we always greet the summer months, you may even find you get excited for winter! And remember, the more fun you have when the snow flies, the shorter the cold months feel. The best way to make spring come faster is to enjoy yourself all winter long.

Outdoor Winter Activities

There are so many great activities you can only enjoy in the winter months! As soon as the snow flies, it will be time to bundle-­up and jump back into your favourite winter sport. Or just take to your backyard with the family on a weekend and build a snowman, have a snowball fight, or try to construct the best snow fort on the block! Afterwards, there’s a lot to love about bundling under a blanket with your kids and a cup of cocoa or hot cider.


There are some fantastic places to take the family sledding in Sherwood Park. Check out the Strathcona County Toboggan Hill list for a hill near you!

Cross-Country Skiing

All those great trail systems that run through Sherwood Park and Strathcona County are just as awesome in the winter as they are in the summer: They make fantastic cross-­country ski trails! If you’re into outdoor jogging and want to try something different – but just as good for your body – definitely give cross country skiing a try! Did you know you can sign up for cross­country skiing lessons at the Strathcona Wilderness Centre? Learn more about cross-­country skiing in Sherwood Park and Strathcona County.


First steps on the rinkMost of us probably have a set of skates, but how often have we strapped them on? There are great outdoor skating rinks scattered throughout Sherwood Park: There’s probably one within walking distance of your home! Learning to ice skate is something every Albertan does when we’re young, and maybe it’s your child’s first time skating! Pack a big thermos full of hot chocolate or warm soup, and take it with you for break times. Skating on outdoor rinks is a great, almost zero-­cost activity for your family in the winter. Find out which rink is closes to your house.

And if you’d rather skate indoors, check out both Millennium Place and the Glen Allan Rec Centre: Both facilities have great skating rinks, including leisure rinks perfect for the family on a weekend afternoon. Or, if you’re more of a spectator than a skater, you can always cheer on the Sherwood Park Crusaders at the Sherwood Park Arena and Sports Centre near Broadmoor Lake!

Downhill Skiing and Snowboarding

Sunridge Ski Area is only a few minutes drive from Sherwood Park, making it a popular skiing and snowboarding location for local families. You can get day passes, or seasons passes for the hardcore members of your family, and there are lessons available for people interested in upping skiing or snowboarding skills. Learn more about Sunridge Ski Area.

Indoor Winter Activities

If going outside in the cold isn’t your thing (and, let’s face it, we live in Alberta and sometimes its WAY too cold to go outside for any reason) then don’t despair! There are great indoor recreation opportunities in Sherwood Park to keep you active during the winter months.

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m a big fan of my Hot Yoga class, and I think I love it even more in the winter, when the tropical temperatures are a welcome change from the cold outside. Sherwood Park is home to some first­-class recreational facilities, and there are many activities, classes, and clubs to choose from, including some great after school activities for your kids. (Check out my kids favourites in a previous blog post, and scroll down to see the huge list of possible after-­school programs located right here in the city!)

Millennium Place

Millennium Place is located up on Premier Way, close to the Broadmoor Boulevard and Lakeland Drive intersection. This brand new facility includes a wave pool, lap pool, whirlpool, sauna, steam room, water playground, multi-­sport gymnasium, indoor sport fields, two arenas and a leisure rink, and a fully­-equipped wellness centre and gym. Wow! There’s always something great going on at Millennium Place, and their drop-­in programming is excellent. Learn more about Millennium Place or check out their Drop­-In activities.

Glen Allan Recreation Complex

The Glen Allan Rec Centre is home to the Sherwood Park Curling Club, and if you’ve considered trying out curling before make this winter your year to give it a try! This facility is also home to racquet sports including squash, racquetball, handball and wallyball; a stocked wellness centre and gym; and an indoor recreational skating rink for those extra nippy days when you still want to pull on the skates. Learn more about the Glen Allan Rec Centre.

Strathcona Wilderness Centre

This great outdoor facility provides access to kilometres of well­-groomed winter trails, perfect for winter walking, snowshoeing, or cross-­country skiing. You can rent inexpensive equipment for the whole family here, and if you’re really keen a season’s pass is worth looking into. Learn more about the Strathcona Wilderness Centre.

After School Activities in Sherwood Park

Tue, 12 Aug by Sonia Tarabay

August has arrived, and while we’re all still basking in the warm, wonderful summer, if you’re like my family the coming of August is also one month closer to September and the start of school. As a mom with 3 kids, August is “Back-­to-­School” season: Not only are schools starting to send out supply lists, but all those fun activities and camps your kids have been registered in over the summer are coming to an end as well. That means it’s time to start planning fall and winter activities for the family!

It’s a good idea to start thinking about the lessons, clubs, and after-­school activities your children want to join in August, since registration always seems to kick of earlier every year. And there’s so much for kids to choose from here in Sherwood Park! It’s just one of many reasons Sherwood Park and Strathcona County is a great place for families to call home, and why your family will love it here. There are so many great activities to choose from, including sports, music, art, horseback-­riding, and leadership clubs: The hardest part for your kids will be picking just 2 or 3!

The Experts Weigh In: Our Kids’ Favourite After-School Activities

Who better to talk to then the kids themselves? Martial arts, swimming, and dance are top with our 3 kids, and between school and after-­school lessons and clubs we keep very busy as you can see!

Alexa's After School Picks in Sherwood Park
Lennox's After School Picks in Sherwood Park
Eva's After School Picks in Sherwood Park

Here’s a larger list of awesome kids activities and clubs that I know about here in Sherwood Park. I’m sure there are more out there where these came from too: If I’ve missed your child’s favourite activity, leave a comment and tell me about it!

Sports Associations & Clubs

Martial Arts

Music Lessons

Dance Classes

Visual Arts


Riding & Equestrian

Leadership Clubs

Sonia Spotlight: Summerwood, Foxboro, & Foxhaven

Tue, 29 Jul by Sonia Tarabay

If you’re looking for a real estate expert in Sherwood Park, you’ve come to the right place! As a long-­time resident and REALTOR®, I’ve driven and walked along pretty much every street in this amazing community. One of the best things about Sherwood Park is it’s big enough to provide every amenity and world-­class facility you need, but small enough that you get to know the entire area, rather than just a pocket or quadrant of it.

Of course, I do have my favourite areas of Sherwood Park, and today I’m shining a special “Sonia Spotlight” on my three top communities: Summerwood, Foxhaven, and Foxboro. I’ve had the pleasure of helping many families purchase and sell homes in these wonderful communities, and if you drive down the streets of any of these three lovely neighbourhoods, you’re likely to notice even more “Sonia Sells” signs on front lawns, and a few more leopard­-printed benches dotting the streets. And, of course, keep an eye out for the new Sonia­-Mobile driving by on the way to a showing or client meeting!

I have in-­depth expertise in every area of Sherwood Park, but when it comes to Summerwood, Foxhaven, and Foxboro my knowledge runs that much deeper. I work in these areas all the time, and I know them like the back of my hand. All three have a reputation for being great family-­centric communities, with attractive, modern housing, convenient locations with access to top amenities, and beautiful parks.

So don’t be surprised if the next time you’re walking through one of these neighbourhoods you “Spot Sonia” there too!


Summerwood is one of Sherwood Park’s newest communities, located in the north­-eastern corner of the city. Located north of Lakeland Drive, south of the Yellowhead, east of Highway 21 and west of Clover Bar Road, Summerwood is an ideal neighbourhood for people commuting into Edmonton or into areas north and east of Sherwood Park.

Built around a lake and winding creek, Summerwood has a great mixture of natural greenspace and family-­friendly development. There are lots of grassy parks, playgrounds, community walking trails, and urban forest land in the Summerwood area. If you like looking out your back door and seeing scenic parkland, keep your eyes peeled for a home in Summerwood that backs onto the lake or the creek: You’ll find lots of homes with scenic views here!

Summerwood is only minutes away from the new Emerald Hills Centre, where you’ll find every amenity your family could need, including grocery stores, big box retailers, restaurants, and professional services. In addition to its proximity to Emerald Hills Centre, there’s also a commercial centre on the corner of Clover Bar Road and Lakeland Drive, including a grocery store, banking, coffee shops, and other shops and services. This community is also close to the new Strathcona Community Hospital, and the new Archbishop Jordan Catholic School. Future planned development includes the Emerald Hills Aquatic Centre.

Along the Clover Bar Road corridor are several condominiums that back on to park land and the Summerwood creek, providing scenic views and access to the trail system. This community is extremely walkable and pedestrian­-friendly, great for joggers, cyclists, families with young children, and anyone who likes to get out and stay active.

Check Out Summerwood Homes for Sale


The community of Foxhaven is located in southeast Sherwood Park, along Clover Bar Road. To the north, Foxhaven is bordered by the Heritage Wetland area, a series of interconnected parks and small lakes, while to the south Foxhaven sits next to its sister­community, Foxboro. There is fast and easy access to Clover Bar Road from Foxhaven, and both Wye Road and Highway 21 are nearby.

This small pocket of Sherwood Park is quiet and extremely family friendly. Surrounded by parkland and well-­connected with the Heritage Trail system, there are many opportunities to get outside and stay active. Strathcona Athletic Park is just west of Foxhaven across Clover Bar Road, along with two schools: Bev Facey High School and F.R. Haythorne School.

A short drive north on Clover Bar Road will bring you to the Lakeland Ridge shopping area, where you’ll find all the key amenities, including groceries, banking services, restaurants, and coffee shops.

Located within Foxhaven is the Grande Foxhaven Condo Complex, a sought­-after development in Sherwood Park and know for its excellent amenities, well­-appointed suites, and great location with a view of the nearby lake. An excellent option for those empty-­nesters looking to downsize, or couples that prefer a “lock and leave” lifestyle.

Check Out Foxhaven Homes for Sale


Just south of Foxhaven is Foxboro. Located with Highway 21 bordering it on the east and Clover Bar Road bordering it on the west, this is another well-­established community in Sherwood Park. Wye Road is easily accessible through Clover Bar Road, which will quickly take commuters into the southeast Edmonton, or out to the Highway for a visit to one of Strathcona’s many rural parks and lakes, or even to Elk Island National Park located east of the city.

Outdoor enthusiasts, runners, and cyclists will find the Foxboro trails connect very well with the wider network within Sherwood Park. Feature parks in Foxboro include Foxboro Park to the north and Florian Park to the south, with a multi-­use trail that links the parks together to make a great route for walking, cycling, or a jog with your dog.

Just across Clover Bar Road you’ll find both F.R. Haythorne School and Bev Facey High, sitting on either side of the big Strathcona Athletic Park. Venture a little farther west, and you’ll find Ball Lake and its island park, a popular place to spend a sunny summer afternoon or to have a picnic with the family.

Check Out Foxboro Homes for Sale

Strathcona County – Your Home for Recreation!

Tue, 20 May by Sonia Tarabay

There are so many things I love about living in Sherwood Park! One of those is that whether you are a weekend warrior, part of an active family or a serious athlete, Strathcona County has just the recreational opportunity you are looking for!


sports race

The County has an extensive trail system throughout Sherwood Park and parts of the rural areas. These trails often link up and it is possible to go from one side of Sherwood Park to another, enjoying the park like setting.

The trail system continues to grow and Strathcona County is a member of the River Valley Alliance, an organization with a vision to create a continuous integrated river valley park system that will run through Devon, Parkland County, Leduc, Edmonton, Sturgeon and Strathcona County.

When complete, the 88 km river valley trail will be the longest metropolitan park in North America, encompassing 18,000 acres. Imagine what a beautiful bike ride or walk the trail will be!

Recreational Facilities


The pool at Millennium Place in Sherwood Park

Not to be outdone by the wonderful trails, the recreational centres in Strathcona County are second to none.

Millennium Place offers a wave pool, hot tub and lap pool as well as an indoor track, two arenas, soccer field, a playground and even a great meeting spot complete with a coffee shop!

Ardrossan Recreation Complex is a beautiful facility with an incredible wellness centre, fitness track and drop in classes.

Moyer Recreation Centre is located in one of Strathcona County’s rural hamlets, Josephburg. Boasting the County’s largest kitchen facility, an arena and a wide variety of recreational opportunities, this centre will not be shown up by its urban relatives!

Kinsmen Leisure Centre offers swimming lessons, a waterslide, dive tank and hot tubs.

Strathcona Wilderness Centre has beautifully groomed cross-country trails in the winter and hiking, disc golf and geocaching in the warmer months. There are overnight accommodations and camping sites also available.

Golf Courses

Broadmoor Public Golf Course is located in Sherwood Park and was established in 1961.

Sherwood Golf & Country Club is a nine hole course located just outside Sherwood Park and is a nine-hole championship course.

Country Side Golf Club was opened in 1985 and they have 27 holes and a practice range that gives golfers plenty of challenge and reward.

Legends Golf & Country Club is just three miles north of Sherwood Park and is picturesque with ponds, rolling hills and wonderful views.

In addition to these great recreational opportunities, Strathcona County has also hosted the Tour of Alberta, the Seniors Games and many more prestigious events. Just another reason why Strathcona County is a great place to live!

So if you are ready to buy or sell a home in Sherwood Park or in Strathcona County, give me a call – I love helping people buy and sell in this beautiful place!

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