8 Questions To Ask Every Real Estate Agent When Looking To Sell Your Home

The chances of you knowing the house selling process are likely pretty slim, so you will need some extra help in negotiating contracts and answer queries you have along the way. If you are new to this process, an expert REALTOR® is just what you need to assist you in the process. Here are a few questions you can ask a real estate agent while putting up your house before sale.

1. Given my house’s state and location, what do you think is the best price I can get for it?

While selling your house, ask the realtor to provide you with an analysis of your house’s condition and any upgrades that it might require. You will need more than just dollar-per-square conditions. Ask the agent to provide you with a CMA (Comparative Market Analysis).

2. How long will it take to sell my house?

Based on the local market, agents can only provide you with a rough estimate of what they might expect to get out for it. Based on the sale price of your house, they will tell you how soon you will find buyers.

3. Are there any improvements we can make that might help us sell sooner and for a lot more money?

Spending a small amount of money to make a few home improvements will eventually help you get a higher price for the property. For example, if the walls in your bedroom are painted in a dull colour, you might want to spruce them up by adding a few coats of paint.

4. Are you a full time or part- time real estate agent?

You should consider an agent who is working full-time, this will make him/her a lot more accessible.

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5. For how long have you been in real estate?

You should consider an agent who has experience of over 4 years. If not, you should request that another team member be present who can help and provide some guidance.

6. How many houses do you currently have listed for sale?

An agent who is familiar with the neighbourhood will prove to be much better. Even though they might be handling various other clients, the busier the agent the better they are.

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7. How many of the houses that you sold in the past 12 months were in my price range?

You want someone who has the knowledge and experience selling high-end homes, an agent who has sold starter homes or condos might not be the right way to go.

8. What will the overall marketing strategy for my house consist of?

Marketing a house doesn’t just mean a sign on the front yard or a listing on a site. Photographs help a lot in such instances, especially good ones. The agent typically pays for the photography sessions; sometimes they click images themselves. The more images posted online, the higher the attention your property would get.

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Selling your house is never an easy task, however by hiring a realtor to help you out can save you a lot of stress and time. Asking these questions is a good way of covering your bases while making such a major investment. If you are selling your Sherwood Park, you will need the assistance of a real estate agent who has a wealth of expertise selling homes in Sherwood Park.

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