Your Mortgage Broker & Realtor®

Motivated to provide an even more complete and improved real estate buying experience for her clients, Sonia Tarabay is both a licensed REALTOR® and licensed mortgage broker, an expertise combo that's a rarity within the industry. Sonia believes in assisting her clients through the entire process of buying and selling a home, and her deep understanding of the mortgage industry has allowed her to become a stronger, more knowledgeable REALTOR®, who can offer expert advice in all areas of real estate

She was extremely professional, energetic with a fantastic bubbly personality. Sonia was also our Mortgage Professional and found us an excellent five year fixed rate.

- Tony & Ryan

Sonia is as comfortable talking about fixed­-rate, closed, and variable mortgages as she is discussing home pricing, house­hunting, and offer conditions, and if you're new to the idea of a mortgage Sonia is happy to help you through the process of understanding what lender and mortgage rate is best for your financial goals and future. With Sonia, you get the entire package: A top REALTOR® and an expert mortgage broker, all in one!

With dozens of lenders, a wide range of rates, and different mortgage types and styles, navigating the world of mortgages can be time­consuming, confusing, and frustrating on your own. It's important to take mortgage shopping as seriously as house­-hunting, and as a licensed mortgage broker with Invis, Sonia Tarabay can help you find the best mortgage for your financial profile. She's armed with extensive knowledge of current rates, and knows which lenders will best suit your needs. With Sonia, you can decide on a budget, get pre­approved, and find a new home perfect for you and your family, all wrapped into one fantastic service.

First Time Home Buyers

If this is your first mortgage, then this is all new to you... But not to Sonia! She is happy to help you understand the intricacies of mortgages and can help you find the best lender, the best rate, and the best mortgage for your financial profile. Get pre­-authorized with help from Sonia, and you can begin your house­-hunting adventure confident in your budget, and confident you'll be able to make an attractive offer on a great home!

Experienced Buyers & Sellers

Even if you've already got a mortgage experience under your belt, buying a new home means you have an opportunity to re­negotiate your terms and rates, and Sonia can make sure you're fully informed on the best packages and rates available from a variety of lenders. Your financial profile and mortgage needs change over time, and entering the market to purchase a new home is an excellent time to re­consider your options.

Sonia is your One Stop Shop for all Real Estate & Mortgage Needs!

Ready To Save Time, Stress, and Money?

If you're ready to talk mortgages and real estate, call Sonia at 780-707-6015 today or use the form to get the mortgage pre-approval process started!