Good Neighbours – How To Show Them You’re Appreciative!

Good neighbours are a blessing that most people don’t take the time to appreciate. Sherwood Park is a wonderful community with a host of great people that you will get to call your neighbour. They are always ready to greet you with a smile, are there to have a great conversation, and help you out in times of need. It’s easy to develop a good friendship with neighbours and enjoy their company. For some reason, many people don’t think of their neighbours as their friends, even if they have a good relationship with them. I believe establishing a friendship and being appreciative is a great way to build a strong neighbourhood community.
How to Show Them You’re Appreciative
It doesn’t take much to express your appreciation so there’s no need to go out of your way to buy expensive gifts or make a grand gesture. Small, easy expressions of appreciation will go a long way to show your neighbour you appreciate them. Here are some tips that can help:
1. Give Them a Card
A simple thank you note on a special occasion like Christmas, Thanksgiving, or New Years is a great way to ensure your good neighbour feels appreciated. You don’t need to do much, just express your gratitude for their support, friendship, and assistance. Let them know how much that helped and comforted you, which will definitely move them while strengthening your bond with them. Good people will help without expectation of any reward, but showing appreciation will make them feel great about themselves.
2. Invite them To Dinner/Lunch Often
When you invite people to dinner or lunch, it indicates you desire their company and appreciate their presence in your life. This doesn’t need to happen every weekend or even every month. Just call them when you have some free time on your hands or when you desire some company.  In fact, when the weather is great you can organize a backyard BBQ and invite your immediate neighbours over to spend some fun and leisurely moments with you.
This will help build a stronger relationship and help you show appreciation.
3. Stop By To Talk

Instead of just waving at the neighbour in greeting, stop to speak with them and inquire about their life for a moment. This doesn’t need to be a lengthy conversation and a five to ten-minute chat is more than sufficient. After all, it’s good to be aware of what is happening in your neighbour’s lives as it also gives you the opportunity to offer help if and when they need it. This shows you’re genuinely interested in the neighbour’s life and well-being, which will help cultivate a strong and long-lasting friendship.
4. Offer Help When Needed
Being good neighbours is a relationship of give-and-take. It’s a good idea to lend a helping hand when you see a neighbour needs it. Lend gardening tools, offer to be a babysitter for a couple of hours, help out when they’re ill, and give a helping hand when needed. These seemingly small gestures show appreciation and build a strong relationship between neighbours. Investing a little time and effort can go a long way in strengthening community ties, which will help you in the long run. Appreciating your neighbours and doing nice things for them can go a long way in creating a friendlier and positive atmosphere in the neighbourhood you live in.
5. Remember Special Days
Simple things like wishing someone on their birthday or marriage anniversary also makes them feel appreciated. You can wish them in the morning on your way to work or send them a message on the phone. They will remember the gesture and maybe even invite you to a celebration, which will help deepen the bond. You can even invite them to your own celebrations or invite their children to your child’s birthday. Celebrating together is an easy way to establish a strong neighbourly relationship. In fact, its also a great way to get to know your neighbours better.
The best way to reward a good neighbour is to be a considerate neighbour in turn. This will encourage them to maintain a healthy relationship with you. As stated before, this doesn’t have to be complicated or time-consuming, and it can be very rewarding in the long run. Let me help you make the move today to Sherwood Park – where you’ll find great neighbours and a wonderful community!