2018 Trends in Kitchen Design

Up until not so long ago, kitchen spaces were pretty unglamorous areas that were tucked away right at the back of the house. Meals used to be prepared there, and all the dishwashing was done there too. Homeowners didn’t really pay too much attention to the aesthetics of their kitchens. It was just a utilitarian space that didn’t garner too much attention when it came to design or décor.
But all of that has now changed and homeowners are increasingly focusing on designing and planning kitchen spaces with as much attention to detail as other areas of their homes. In fact, kitchens aren’t just areas used for cooking. They are the heart of the home and informal meals will be shared there and sometimes this space may also be used to monitor kids doing their homework etc.
New Trends in Kitchen Design
In short, the kitchen has now become a multi-use area that needs to be designed accordingly as well. Here are some kitchen design trends that have emerged in 2018:

1. Smart Technology Has Made an Appearance

Today, smart technology has overtaken the kitchen design landscape. And it isn’t just advanced appliances and gadgets that are making an appearance in modern kitchens across the country. Ranging from the lighting and fridges to the faucets and appliances, everything is going smart, making this one of the most notable kitchen design trends in 2018.

2. Chic is The Way To Go
White continues to be a huge favourite when it comes to kitchen cabinetry. Most homeowners prefer white because it lends a very clean and chic look to the space. In fact, white cabinets complement the look of various other materials that could be used for kitchen countertops, walls, and flooring.

Most kitchen designers offset the stark look of these cabinets by installing kitchen islands made of different types of woods and finishes. Grey is another popular colour that’s being combined with glamorous accents and natural elements. However, not every modern kitchen has subtle colours and grey and white tones.
Dark and rich jewel tones such as plum, emerald green as well as blues and black are also making their way into kitchen spaces. Not only do they lend drama to these areas but add a very luxurious and elegant feel as well. However, it becomes necessary to balance these dark tones out with more subtle coloured tile, paint and window treatments.
3. Clean Textures and Streamlined Materials and Designs
While many homeowners still prefer a mid-century modern or farmhouse style for their kitchens, many are trying to streamline the broader aesthetic and design of it. The idea is to create a stress-free environment which also means removing clutter and keeping it simple. With this design concept in view, homeowners are now eliminating wall cabinets entirely. This helps open up the visual space, creating a feeling of

brightness and expansiveness.
In fact, this also helps with better utilization of the countertop. Materials with textures are making a comeback and some people are also opting for the industrial look. Natural stone floor tiles, custom designed backsplashes and more natural and rough finishes are now becoming the norm.
4. Kitchen Islands Take Centerstage
Kitchen islands have almost become an integral aspect of most kitchens. They are used as a focal point in the design of the space and serve multiple uses. The space under the kitchen island makes up for the loss of wall cabinet space. In an open kitchen layout, the island doubles up as a casual dining area or a drinking bar. This means even a multi-functional kitchen island can easily become a highly functional feature without actually cluttering up the available floor space.
How to Create the Perfect Balance
As you can see, there are a number of new kitchen design trends that have surfaced in 2018. When it comes to following these trends, it’s always a good idea to see which styling suits your personal preferences, and blends in perfectly with the overall aesthetic and design concept in your home.
This will help you create a kitchen that’s both functional and appealing. If you have some ideas but aren’t too sure about how they can be used to create a seamless whole, consider hiring the services of a skilled kitchen designer for the job.

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